Meeting My Mage Alt’s Goals Slowly But Surely

BrewFest Mounts 2009 ScreenShot_100409_131042

Although I would like her to hurry up and get to 80 already, I am still pleased with my mage’s progress over the past few weeks. Our raiding schedule has picked up considerably (more on this later in the week), so it has not left as much time to play lowbies as I would like. But still, progress has been made. She is now sitting midway through 78, with Sholazar Basin fairly complete and plans to do the Hodir chain in Storm Peaks next.

The screenshot above shows my SO and I on our Brewfest mounts. Through some RNG miracle, we each got one as did Sawyer, our frequent partner in WoW crime and 3-man Brewfest boss farming partner. This scratched “get a presentable mount” off my to-do list for the mage.

In case you don’t recognize the location of this scenic shot, it’s inside the Black Morass Caverns of Time instance. We did this baby twice (after completing the Escape from Durnholde) to farm up the infinite essences for my alchemy specialization quest. I am now elixir spec’d, and sitting at 446 alchemy, waiting for frost lotus to be available for less than 50g each to get those last 4 points, and thus start on the epic gem transmutes. Overall though, I am pleased with getting her crafting profession mostly squared away.

The other big project was amassing¬† a set of level 80 blues and craftables to ease her into heroics once she dings 80. Ideally, it’s nice to do some regular 8 instances first, but this far into the expansion, it’s near impossible to get a regular ToC 5man, let alone anything else. Thanks to our previously mentioned Brewfest farming, she has two epic trinkets squirreled away, I had the epic dagger crafted, and I have shiny new gear for ever slot waiting, except for a second ring, which my JC will craft once I have the titanium.

It’s going to feel good to reclaim all that bank space, and to be presentable right out of the starting gate.

I don’t have plans to alt raid with her, so she’s likely a pretty close to finished project. That means the baby druid will get to be played finally. The help of the BoA chest, trinket, shoulders and mace should make her go even quicker than my other ladies. I can’t wait. It’s always fun to have an alt project to work on…

Have a good maintenance day.

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