Lower Spire Cleared

We had a rough start to the new content. We spent an entire evening in the 25-man wiping on Marrowgar due to folks 1) not keeping impaled folks healed and 2) many DPS not switching over to freeing the impaled folks. We split up into two 10-mans over the weekend to try again. The other team got off to a great start, clearing 3 bosses the first night.

My team? We kept losing the OT after the first whirlwind. Every go. And losing team members to unexplained/unannounced AFKs. We spent 3 hours and got nowhere. Except for fat repair bills.

It was especially frustrating because we had amazing DPS. Our impaled folks could barely announce on vent they’d been spiked before we got them out. My SO’s DK had gone unholy, which, along with the haste change to affect DP and VT DoTs, meant I was rocking the DPS. So the fail was especially hard to swallow. Even in vanilla content, I was lucky to have raid teams that were good at identifying and fixing our strategy holes. It was discouraging to have not seen any sort of improvement over the course of the attempts.

Sunday night, with one of our more geared and experienced pally tanks at the helm, we stepped back into ICC and smashed through 3 bosses. Last night we came back in to tackle Saurfang. And after only a couple tries, we stomped him.


I am thrilled to have challenging and fun content to raid again. This should keep me happy for a good while.

As a parting gift for this Tuesday, I leave you with this shot of my schmancy new mace, courtesy of the Quel’Delar quest chain.

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