Leisurely Sunday Blog Reading

Cup of coffee in hand? Then check out these blog posts I especially enjoyed over the past week…

  • The Pros and Cons of Recruiting the Guild Leader, by @Matticus over on World of Matticus.
    Thoughtful writing on the positive impact on your guild of promoting a raid leader from within the ranks of those who have been putting in the hard work on the content versus looking externally to those who've been there and done that and are looking to pick up their raid leading ball and go elsewhere with it. This post also got my juices flowing around the whole topic of leadership, so expect something in that vein here again soon.
  • Getting Ready for Cataclysm by @Shieldbreakr on Horde of One.
    I had to give this one a shout out to one of my favorite tweeps who also busted out with a Friday Five on this topic. It also got me thinking about how I really need to start a character name list in the notebook I carry around with me, so I don't spend 45 minutes on the character creation screen when it comes time to make my goblin hunter. And yes, I've already ruled out hunternexxi as a name. 😉
  • When Does a Guild Become Yours? on ishapeshift.
    I can't count how many times I've seen guild dramas over new members whom one guildie or another feels "don't know their place." Folks can become really passionate about their guilds, and even overprotective. In a worst case scenario, you can end up with old timers flat out telling newer members that their opinion doesn't count because they are new. Having been a new person in several guilds, I know in some guilds I have more quickly felt at home and stepped up and made a contribution, and not enjoyed getting my opinions squashed by members who felt that anyone who wasn't there wiping with them on Luci was not entitled to sharing their opinion. Of course the flipside is that it is really really annoying to have someone in your guild for a week who starts telling everyone how the guild needs to change to better suit them. It is a fine line between newbie and core guild member for sure.
  • Officer Renewal Week on Daughter of Ravenholdt Manor.
    My guild holds weekly Officer meetings on Vent, but we aren't always hanging out together in game while doing them. I love the idea expressed here of the Officers hanging out doing fun retro content while talking about guild planning topics. And it also seems like a great idea to bring in Officers who run separate 10mans intot he same 10 man ICC to talk about their differing strats and why they do them, to cut down on the confusion that may ensue in 25s (or for a member who may bounce between the two raids.)

P.S. If you didn't listen live to the Twisted Nether Blogcast this week, go check it out. It features an interview with yet another one of my favorite tweeps, @WoWCynwise. I sat in the live blogosphere audience while they taped it and had a blast.

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