Keep it Clear!

I'm torn.

You see, I really love having a good conversation amongst the raid group between pulls, or as we wait to get started. I love that. But it seems that conversational vibe often spills over into the boss fights, which truly aggravates me.

I want to hear the raid leader call out if someone needs to take action. I want to know if a healer is down and we need to battle rez them or someone needs to drop and heal.

I don't care if our lowest DPS died. I also don't want to hear that floor hugger start chit chatting about miscellany.

NEWS FLASH: the fact that you died does not mean this is a wipe or that you are now free to monopolize the vent channel.


Because I don't want to have to be the one who hits their push to talk to shush you.

That's all. Carry on.

9 thoughts on “Keep it Clear!”

  1. we have a simple call of “chatter!” which means “shut up we’re fighting and i’m trying to concentrate/hear”
    of course it’s morphed into CHOWDER and “CHOW-DAH!” (/arnold) but we know what it means. “no offense but shut the hell up.”

  2. Also it’s only appropriate for dead raid members to talk if they’re helping call out things that the frantically fighting others dont have time to watch. interrupts, incoming death ability, adds, etc.
    hilarious side story – i once was with another mage in a ZA pug. this kid had to be like. 10 years old. we were on someone’s vent and fighting the space chicken boss. i forget his name. anyway, the other mage dies and proceeds to tell me WHAT TO CAST. it was annoying and hilarious all at the same time. “cast fireball! cast fireball jibbi! jibbi! jibbi cast …cast ice lance jibbi!!!” XD i’m not your puppet, kid. guildies still put on a high-pitched voice and tell me what to cast on casual fights 😛

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