It’s Too Soon for ICC to be a “Retro Raid” for me

wasn't this shadow priest just in this place?

Last night, the scheduled 10s ended up morphing into 25-man ICC. “Retro Raid!” was the call to battle. “No thank you!” was my atypical but firm reply.

There is just not enough distance between me and ICC for it to live in that rosy pink nostalgia haze in my brain where the other retro raids like kara and BWL live. I don’t get the warm fuzzies at the idea of going in there.

I knocked my head against the ICC wall, in 10 and 25, for 9+ months, finally taking a break from it only a month or so prior to the Cataclysm. Anexxia alone had 30+ kills of Marrowgar in 25. I’m tired of the icy winds of Northwind consuming my soul. It’s going to take ma at least a solid year — if not two– before a big smile will come across my face when someone suggests heading in there.

Right now, I want to do new content. See new instances, kill new bosses. ICC will still be there in the morning. And I need to give it some serious space for its absence to make my heart grow fonder.

10 thoughts on “It’s Too Soon for ICC to be a “Retro Raid” for me”

  1. Retro? No. But I am working toward finishing some of the heroic modes, achievements, etc, that I didn’t do when it was new. Probably because I didn’t have a regular raid in there at the time, I don’t mind going back. I got my Kingslayer honestly, but I’d take a “Bane of Fallen King” title, too… to say nothing of the super cool drake.

  2. I also need a long break from ICC. Long, long break. There are parts of it I didn’t even see, but to get to them I’d have to redo the parts that I know FAR too well.

  3. What’s funny to me is that it’d be retro for everyone in my guild except me and Ratshag. I think we’re the only two who did any serious ICC raiding at all.

  4. Ugh, yeah. After the length of time beating my head against the brick wall that was Arthas, I have no desire to go back in there and cheese that encounter at level 85. None. I didn’t get Kingslayer honestly, there was a lot of drama involved, and I don’t want it now. Ugh. Retro raid = ZA. ICC is more like petty revenge right now.

  5. At one point, one of my guildies and I tried to explain to those coming late into ICC how many times we’d been in that blasted place. At that point, on 4 healers, I had 776 bosskills. That was before we stopped raiding in there for Cataclysm.
    For a few months, we leveled and got our arses beaten down by 5 man heroics. Woot.
    Last Monday, we took some people back into ICC to get Kingslayer for them (some were RL AFKs, etc.) We killed Arthas with two people down, one a heals and DPS. It was sloppy for the 5 who had never really been to the top of the frozen…er…ice shaft of fun.
    Yeah, 8 maned the Lich King. And somehow, even after all that time in there, it felt really, really good to pound his face into the skull tiles. 🙂

  6. I’m on a new main this expansion, and even for me, it’s too soon to go in to take a look at burning out achievements. I guess I’m just not that “in” to achievement grabbing to make retro-raiding last expansion’s raids to be that much fun to me. I have the whole nostalgia thing with vanilla and BC dungeons, but it’s been YEARS since those have been “srs bzns.”

  7. I have to agree. We went back in after our first Nef kill, just because our raid night was over early and we had never gotten H10m LK dead. So we ran through and cleared the instance in about 45 minutes, grabbed our Bane of the Fallen King titles, and went home. And THAT closed the book on ICC for me – hopefully forever.

  8. We’ve just spent a few weeks in ICC, finally clearing it and bagging kingslayer titles.
    Although we spent A LOT of time in there on earlier bosses, sailing past them and into stuff we hadn’t done before was quite fun.

  9. Now, Black Temple, on the other hand, THAT’S a retro raid for me. I love going back in there and grabbing dress up clothes, like the Felpuppy on a stick.

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