It’s the Little Things That Charm Me So…

Can she keep this forsaken firefighter rig forever please?

No, I don’t just mean the gnomes. Tho clearly, I have been charmed by the gnomes.

I’m talking about the small details that make some of the Cataclysm lowbie quests give you a grin. Like this Forsaken firefighting backpack apparatus. It’s so functional and yet so stylish! I didn’t want to turn in my quest and give it up, but I also wanted to progress through the Ironforge airport story, so in the end I did surrender it. Alas, I do not hitnk this one will be ready for Hallow’s End and trying to get a similar Forsaken gas tank of her very own. But perhaps she’ll go for one of the blue water tanks that @Rades wrote about obtaining.

For the record, this little gnome is a shadow priest. I plan to level her through some of the Cataclysm content I haven’t run an alt through yet, aling with a heavy side of LFD. What’s truly fun though is looking at every piece of gear she gets as a drop and thinking “Transmog y/n/murloc?” Good times.

What is a little thing that’s recently charmed YOU in Azeroth?

One thought on “It’s the Little Things That Charm Me So…”

  1. If I remember correctly, The human area gives you some type of apparatus to burn the fires where the orcs are. I can’t tell you what has charmed me about Azeroth, since I haven’t actively played since around 12/11, but I’m downloading it now… seems I have a huge file to download (20 gigs) before I check out the game.
    I’ve always loved Hallow’s End, it is my favorite in-game holiday.

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