I’m a Boomkin Biker Babe, Don’t ‘ya Know It!

Badass Boomkin Biker babe

In perhaps one of my most significant BETA findings to date, I’ve discovered that my boomkin is now able to ride her mounts whilst in Boomkin form!

That’s right — your eyes are not deceiving you.

And it’s not limited to ground mounts either. Here I am on my Headless Horseman’s Mount:


And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

xo Anexxia

4 thoughts on “I’m a Boomkin Biker Babe, Don’t ‘ya Know It!”

  1. I remember being thrilled when a bug had me doing the same thing with my druid. It’s so nice that they let the boomkins ride around like that, although I’m sure the horse isn’t too pleased. Then again, if it’s the horsemans horse, perhaps it’s supernatural too.
    When I was playing WoW, I was playing Alliance side to hang out with friends, but Horde will always be “home” for me.
    I won’t be around when it’s released, but hopefully I’ll be able to come back before the end of the year to check out the new content.
    How’s archeology looking in the new expansion. I got into that on my Alliance priest, maxed it out and had fun exploring. I would have loved if they let us choose the locations where we wanted to dig.

  2. Every time my boomkins would glitch on a dragon, I would inevitably say: “why can’t we always ride around like this!?!?” So I am crossing my fingers this is permanent and not a just this once thing…
    I hear you RE: horde feeling like home — my horde shadow priest is the character I pine for, despite my Alliance druid having been my original main.
    I stalled out on archaeology, in large part because I tried to work on it with too many characters at once and got burnt out. I’ll have to try to give it a go again this time around…

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