I Think I Smell a Giant Rat

shadow priest with bone pole fished up a giant rat

Just moments after my mage got a strand crawler pet in her fishing rewards bag, my main finally got her sewer rat!

After tons of fishing across 7 fisherwomen, this is my first rat. To say that I thought I’d never fish one up is an understatement.

Does this mean I should spend a day going after the even more elusive Mister Pinchy?

6 thoughts on “I Think I Smell a Giant Rat”

  1. This MIGHT just be something caught out of the blue, but at least i felt like the drop rate for pincheys were upped after WotLK hit. I fished a lot for it in TBC, and worst was it took me THREE catches before one of them decided to give me a pet, but i say go for it, gogogoooo! 😀

  2. Heh my friend El had that same good luck. I spent an hour fishing the other day to no avail, and have set out after him a few times previously. Maybe i need to have some sort of project to do while i wait for fishing pools…

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