Hallow’s End Starts Today!

jack-o-lantern-heqded shadow priest in ghost costume levitating in Dalaran

Things got a little Spooky in the World of Warcraft in the wee hours of the morning today. It’s the start of the annual Hallow’s End celebrations, marking the break of the Foresaken from the Lich King.

The peeps at WoWHead put together a comprehensive guide to all the fun and merry making in store for those in pursuit of the Hallowed achievement.

I got off to a good start, including scoring a Sinister Squashling from the Horseman, 3-manned with my usual hit squad.  I was somewhat surprised I hadn’t done more of these achievements last year on the shadow priest, but then again, I was still raiding Alliance-side at that point, so I guess there wasn’t enough time to do everything. Unfortunately, RL calls so no additional time for trick-or-treating or achievement crawling today.

Fun fact: Dalaran has 3 candy buckets available to you: your faction Inn, Ledgermain Lounge and the Cantrips and Crows Inn at the Sewer.

More festive screenshots after the jump.

When Holidays Collide: Pumpkinhead on Brewfest Kodo.

jack-o-lantern headed shadow priest

Shadow Pumpkinhead.

We hopped on our brooms and headed to Southshore to stink things up…

And oldie but goodie…a wee baby shadow priest learning to fight fires… OK, or to just sit around on a broom looking pretty and watch them burn.

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