Goblin Shaman Says: For the Dark Lady!

goblin lady on a bony pony

Oh what a glorious thing it is to reach your goals.

Early this week, the adorable goblin lady you see here hit exalted with the Forsaken, on her march to level 40.

This sufficiently incented me to crank through a couple more levels (thank you LFD and your 4-9 min waits for lowbie dungeons) so I could get her a pony.

OK, actually, I got her…7 ponies. But this is her favorite.

Yeah, the epic tryke is flashy and all, but this is what she really wanted.

Because nothing shows your allegiance to Lady Sylvanas more than prancing around on one of her ponies.

Awwwww yeah baby!

10 more levels then I can train up my professions again, but I have an 82 and an 84 who need some questing as well.

So much alting to do and so little time….

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Goblin Shaman Says: For the Dark Lady!”

  1. How similarly we think. 😉
    Almost all of my Horde alts right now are going for Undead reputation. My goblin is going for the Orcs first, though I’ve forgotten why I decided to do that off hand, and all of my Tauren are going for goblin because the only thing cooler than the tryke is a massive tryke with a huge cow riding it.
    Actually, I think I did the Org on the goblin to get discounts in the main hub…but goblins already get max discounts regardless of reputation… That’s alright, I can admit to being a dork every now and then. Add another to the undead pony stack. LFG, here I come.

  2. I am loving how quick the lowbie LFD queue has been. And the other night, my quiet but exceedingly competent 5man did 3 randoms in a row!

  3. I find most people really enjoy chaining queues when they find a good group that runs smoothly with a tank that’s not too slow and a healer that can keep everyone up. Good times to be had there.

  4. I agree. Another reason that I was having fun chain-running dungeons with you, despite idiotic DPS.
    Grays on the boney horsy.

  5. I usually start off with Org because I looooove the wolfies. I do like the boney ponies too but my Tauren on one looks like it will buckle any time.

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