Getting Settled In Guild Wars 2


I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 daily since the headstart, and am starting to get my sea legs.

I’ve been making slow but expensive progress through my crafting professions. Cloth is still slow to come by but I am keeping my tailoring a bit ahead of my character leveling on the whole. Ditto for the artifice. The cooking is not so much at level, and outrageously expensive, but the diverse creations that come out of the discovery mechanism for it are so much fun to shoot for, especially now that we have the Good with Beer GW2 cooking helper tool.

I’ve also been making nice progress with my alt ranger — she’s already 22! It’s fun to explore in search of new pets to add to her team, and I am amazed at how much she and her pet can take on together successfully.

And now that the auction house is up more reliably I have made a few sales. But It is curious to see how many people put items up for the same amount at which you can sell them to a vendor. Oh well, more salvage for the crafting collections…

And finally, our original guild has apparently been restored so all our 200+ members can see it and represent it, after it being in limbo and inaccessible for most of the time since the headstart weekend.

All that said, I’m taking a mini break from the game for a few weeks to give it time to continue to settle. You see, in addition to the issues I wrote about last time, my SO and I hit a nice big new bug: his class quest, which he and I had been doing together since we’re both Asura in the 30s, bugged out. As in it told him his next step is a level 48 quest. As in, he is no longer able to get credit for completing the quests with me.

As you may expect, he creaeted a support account and put in a support ticket (I don’t at all get why you need to make a new account for support btw). It was answered in a timely manner, but with a generic copy/paste reply about quests not completing that seemed to indicate the correspondent either did not read or did not udnerstand his ticket. Now, if the respondent didn’t understand, they should have asked for clarifying details/more information. But they didn’t — they closed out the ticket. And they haven’t replied on twitter to me about that (or anything I’ve asked themabout on twitter) either.

Yes, my SO could just scrap this character and start over as a workaround for the bug. But what if it hits again? And why should he have to scrap 30+ levels of playing and all that crafting, for a workaround that could possibly lead to this exact same outcome? ugh. NO THANK YOU! So perhaps by giving the game a timeout, the issue will eventuall be resolved by ArenaNet. If not, it’s not like we didn’t get some value from the game purchase– just not as much as we’d expected to. And that’s OK. Because I am a little tired of the grind of killing the same mobs over and over and over again. SO this break should do me good.


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