Gathering That Primordial Saronite

My SO was honored to be announced as the raid member who would get to complete the Shadowmourne quest line. After the shiny happy feeling wore off, we had to turn our attention to the obvious: where the heck would we get all that primordial saronite?

There are three primary places to obtain your saronite:

  • From your guild, who obtains them through random boss drops in ICC 25 (random as in some night every other boss drops them another night you get zero)
  • Buying them with 23 frost emblems a piece from the frost emblem vendor
  • Purchasing them in the auction house

We'd already been in the thinking about our saronite acquisition strategies due to the many shiny crafted pieces that 3.3 brought with it. I made myself the boots a few weeks ago, in fact. Our strategy has been as follows:

  • Purchasing them in the auction house when they are up for 2k or less (i.e. there goes the SO's mechanohog fund)
  • Pimping out the alts and making them gather emblems for us:
    • (3 for me and 3 for him) they can make 2 frost emblems per day doing a random daily heroic, plus 5 per week doing the weekly raid quest
    • Pushing those close to 80 alts to 80 to make them badge farm for us as well

It will take a little bit of time, but we don't need them all until we get our upper spire 25-man kills, so we're doing pretty well already. I've personally cranked up my crafting a bit to make some cash as well. Bringing in the saronite takes some time, but it's not nearly s horrible as you might imagine. Wish us luck!

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