Friday Five: Weekend To Do List Edition

  1. Kick Mimiron’s butt in hard mode, then mosey on over to Algalon to do the same.
  2. Clean out everyone’s bank and carry-around bags, freeing up bag space for Love is in the Air.
  3. Figure out which characters need what for the Fool for Love Meta-achievement (last year I focused on thi for my Alliance characters, plus I have 2 new alts created since then.
  4. Try to find time to do the RDH on my 3 horde 80s and squeeze in lowbie randoms on my alts as well. Need moar badges!
  5. Keep slowly but surely leveling on the alts, playing through rested XP then letting them rest.

What are your plans this weekend? Excited about the holiday starting on Sunday? I’ve been hearing from a few guildies who are bah humbug! about it…

One thought on “Friday Five: Weekend To Do List Edition”

  1. I am not super excited about Love is in the Air, only because I did it on two toons last year and that’s when it was shorter and the candy bags were required. It was such an obsession. This year should be much calmer since it’s longer and the random candy achievement isn’t required. 🙂

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