Friday Five: Vanity Pet Edition

Who's a cute little fuzzy wuzzy? No, not you miss boomkin, I was talking to the spectral tiger cub!

I know I shouldn’t love any of my vanity pets more than others, but I have to admit it: I do have my favorites. here are my top 5 favorite vanity pets, not in order because I really can’t rank them:

  • Spectral Tiger Cub. I wanted this guy ever sine I saw him previewed on a TCG promo back in the day. This little guy also wins the prize for being least expected birthay present ever.
  • Hippogryph Hatchling. This was my first ever super rare vanity pet. I’d received a box of the TCG cards as a gift from my SO after a particularly tough week traveling for work, and this loot card was in it. Totally unexpected and so adorable. I was totally annoyed when a vanilla WoW guild mate’s boyfriend bought her one of the cards off eBay after she’d admired mine in our raids.
  • Wind Rider Cub. Yet another awesome present from my SO. He is so adorable, and I love it when he flies along behnid me.
  • Singing Sunflower. It’s so nice to be out in the middle of nowhere and have this little pet start singing to you. You’re never lonely in Azeroth with this little lady by your side.
  • Moonkin Hatchling. I whined and pined and dreamt of having a mini me for my boomkin. And then this year, our dreams came true with the adorable moonkin baby! I seriously stood around in Dalaran dancing with this little cutey for a solid half hour after getting him in the mail.

What’s your favorite vanity pet?

17 thoughts on “Friday Five: Vanity Pet Edition”

  1. I have a few favorites.
    Argent Squire / Argent Pony – the combo of these two pets gives me another Jeeves and Moll-E CD. Great for when I’m out in the field.
    Egbert – nothing amuses me more while raiding than this little guy running all over the place before the pull.
    Worg Pup – I dunno why, but I really like having this guy along. Before the Perky Pug, he was the only “dog” in the game, and I think I bonded to him accordingly.
    Westfall Chicken – CLUCK!

  2. Oh, too many to count.
    I love Frigid Frostling because he throws snowballs at people. I also love the Tiny Snowman for his dancing but I wish he’d follow you!
    The Wind Rider Cub, Pandaren Monk, and L’il KT were all gifts, so I have a soft spot for those too.
    I wished for a little cow pet, a baby kodo, or a [Beagle Dog Crate]. Hey, the Alliance crazy cat lady sells cats, why can’t there be a Horde kennel owner with dogs?

  3. I have to pick just one? Well, I guess it’s not as hard as it used to be.
    See, from way back when he first stomped me to death in Hellfire Peninsula, I’ve always wanted a miniature Fel Reaver of my own. TBC came and went, nothing. Wrath came and went, and while we got a boss that shared the same animations and body as the Fel Reaver – XT – as well as a toy version, we never got the original.
    At least, until Cataclysm… when I finally got a Personal World Destroyer of my very own. 😀

  4. I don’t buy pets with “real” money (I’m not judging, just a personal thing) and I’m now sorely tempted by that Tiger Cub!
    My favorite is probably Snarly ( whom I obtained the very first week the fishing dailies started in BC on my very first Crocs in the City quest. He comes in a bucket! He makes noises! I’ve done a billion fishing quests since and never received a second bucket with any of the crocs.
    Singing Sunflower is also awesome but I forget to take it out.
    Speedy ( is also up there just because I’ve had him since Vanilla and he’s adorable. In fact, looking at Petopia, supposedly he roars?! I will have to leave him out now all the time til I hear that!

  5. The one from “Well Read” – now THAT was an achievement
    Deathy the Murloc, because he is just so cute
    My guild page – not most of the time, but right now our guildmaster changed our tabard to pink with a red heart and he makes me laugh out loud every time
    Mr Pinchy – again, because of the time involved in getting him. Also, he’s cute.

  6. I forgot about Speedy. I always loved having two turtles out at the same time (back when I used to use Slowski as my hunter pet). I love watching him swim.

  7. Magister’s Terrace Phoenix is usually my Go To pet if I’m just noodling about. Though I’ll sometimes try and match pet with mount if I’m out and about, the raptor mount/pet from Archy, red proto from Wrath heroics and the whelpling pet, etc.
    The 5th birthday Onyxian whelping during Onyxia is always “fun”. DEEP BREATH INCOMING!

  8. I barely had the patience to grab one of those little guys on my druid. About 2 hours of creature killing to finally get him after doing the necessary quests. I have the bad RNG luck.

  9. Heh yeah I have over 100 vanity pets on my druid and on my shadow priest. I love having all the variety to choose from, and find it interesting that their collections are pretty different from each other. The druid is the keeper of the TCG 1-character only pets tho.

  10. I have not yet won a drop of that little phoenix pet, alas, Someday! And I loved it when the Ony pet would cause DBM (and raid members) to freak out in Ony’s Lair. Mwahahaha!

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