Friday Five: Vacation Five

For the first time in forever (or at least a year) it's vacation time! Which means missing a few raids in the pursuit of leisure.

But I do have a few things I hope to accomplish in game before the week off is up:

  1. Get the warlock to 65 and get started on her last big engineering push.
  2. Actually be online at the same time as Milchel so I can run him through SM (yeah for having an Alliance friend testing the horde waters! WTB more of same!)
  3. Eek out another level each on the Alliance Mage and Shadow Priest.
  4. Actually write up and send out the two WoW-related freelance pitches that have been on my mind.
  5. Get through my screenshot backlog (rename and organize the shots from this year.)

BONUS: My guildie Naie gave me her extra eye of shadow, so if I am actually on at the same time as Axe, I have a willing paladin co-conspirator to help me take a crack at Majordomo in MC for the other piece I need to be able to do the Benediction quest line!!

What's on your WoW to-do list?

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Vacation Five”

  1. 1) Get my face-punching shammy to 70 (half a level) and start questing in Northrend.
    2) Decide which toon to transfer to FM and stop dicking around about it
    3) Get a few levels on Fallah the baby-pally

  2. I keep thinking about playing a toon on Feathermoon to try out the RP. I just feel like it’s such a big thing to take on. Need to find a guild of tweeps for that I think.
    Oh and extra time n the week to actually do it of course.

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