Friday Five: The First Five Things I’m Doing After Patch 3.3 Drops

  1. Hop on my shadow priest and head out in search of an elite to kill to test out how my ton of haste will impact VT and DP adn thus affect my usual rotation.
  2. Sign up to PUG a random dungeon with the new Dungeon Finder tool and get started on the path to my very own perky pug pup. Even though he drags his butt, he's a cutie.
  3. Buy my two lazy 80s Sons of Hodir exalted shoulder enchants.
  4. Tweet to my favorite tank that now would be a good time to fake an illness and come home so we can go do the new 3-winged 5-man dungeon in Icecrown Citadel.
  5. Go look at my shiny new troll totems.

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