Friday Five: Patch 4.0.1 Edition

Ah yes, the Patch she has arrived. And thus I bring you today’s 5:

  1. Least Surprising Post-Patch Nerf: Shadow Word: Death.
    Remember how I wasn’t convinced that spamming the heck out of SW:D was really going to be a viable tactic? Blizz agreed that they’d never intended SW:D to be the shadow priest’s highest DPS spell, and quietly beat it down with the nerf bat within about 24 hours.
  2. My Favorite Spell Change: One Telescoping Button for Portals and Teleports.
    Whenever my mage sphere mod would break, the loss of 1-button access to my portals and teleports is what I usually missed most. Thank you Blizz for finally giving us 1-touch access to portals and teleports instead of forcing us to eat up another row of buttons/cast bars with them.
  3. My favorite UI Change: The Much Improved Companion Pets Tab.
    When you have 100+ pets, it can be hard to remember which little white cage has which pet inside. Or where exactly some of the pets are filed. The magnificent changes to the companion pet UI solve that — they now spell out the names of the pets in each tab and give you an animated preview of them when selected.
  4. Most Fun Class I Play Now: Boomkin.
    Pew pew pew! /boomkin happy dance. They’ve already started in on the nerfs (insect swarm was the first spell hit), but having one day wherein my Alliance druid handily out DPS’d my much better geared shadow priest was a giggle.
  5. Most Bizarre Patch Bug: Amazing Appearing Tabards.
    Not just on your login screen — but in game as well. Characters that have never donned a tabard and don’t have one equipped in game are still showing up as wearing one. Weird, and apparently fixed by equipping a tabard, but a bug nonetheless. Less annoying than the launcher screen BOOM! Significantly less annoying than enchanting items and seeing “Item not yet modified” on my screen when in fact the item has been enchanted.

Which patch changes are you enjoying thus far?

11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Patch 4.0.1 Edition”

  1. I rather like how the NPCs and mobs of the quests that you’re on have their names appear now. It’s nice to walk into a room of trainers on a lowbie and know just who you need to talk to.

  2. 1. Mage portal/teleport buttons.
    2. Warlock pet summon button. 2.5 lowbie horde warlock getting felguard a LOT earlier. 2.75 Hand of Gul’dan.
    3. Power Word: Barrier.
    On the downside: doing respecs for seven 80s, some with dual specs.

  3. I think you had to previously go in and proactively set the nameplates to show for the NPCs but their implementation was a bit haphazard. They are definitely making things a lot more intuitive now which is awesome.

  4. I am not yet done with the respecc’ing. I lost steam after respeccing my shaman and realizing how terrible her gear is now (she’d been splitting her time and her badges between resto and elemental)

  5. Chakra. It’s amazing and amazingly beautiful.
    Not having to do 10 mans, ever again. (I raid 25s).
    Spirit converting to Spell Hit.
    Trap Launcher is really fun ability, but I dislike Focus sooo much.
    Not having Soulshards is omg nom.
    On the down side, Heroic Lich King is harder.

  6. I’m excited about something really weird. I love the earthquakes *lol* Everytime one comes around I kinda just get this excited feeling of “Deathwing’s coming!”
    Agree with Shiva that it’s lovely not having soulshards anymore. Suddenly I have 22 more slots in my bags! (Which TitanPanel has yet to pick up on!)
    The pet panel is lovely, same with mounts. But it made me laugh when I went to check my wooly mammoth and all I saw was lots and lots of grey fur. I think they forgot to resize him for the preview 😉

  7. I agree it’s funny that the mammoths are to big and furry to be contained in the portraits. The earthquakes sorts spook me a bit since we have them IRL. THen they make me antsy for Cata to get here already!

  8. i’m a bit undivided which annoys me the most. finding a lot of my achievements gone and showing I haven’t done quests or been to places. Or possibly the fact that my enchant of gear in the “will not be traded window” shows as not yet modified. probably the latter is worse given that Blizzard claims it’s my computer and Ui. Strange that it should only happen since the last patch….and that so many other folk seem to have the same problem

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