Friday Five: My Five Favorite Post-Shattering Things (so far)

Forsaken shadow priest Anexxia walks into the beautifully redesigned Brill.

It feels as though my exploration of Azeroth has barely begun. There is so much I have yet to see and do. It’s a welcome change of pace. In these past few days, I have come across many changes that have made me very happy:

  1. Gnome priests. Is there much that is cuter than a gnome shadow priest? No, there really isn’t.I never really clicked with my Draenei shadow priest. In large part because she never had the same compelling back story, for me, that mu Forsaken shadow priest had. But that’s all changed now. Snake is a happy bouncing gnome lady. And I am utterly charmed.
  2. The new Silverpine Forest. Although I really only did a tourist look-see through this zone, even a cursory visit shows it has been utterly, magnificently changed. For the better. I can’t wait to play my future goblin and take them through Silverpine.What exactly *are* those Valkyrie ladies up to?
  3. Dwarf Shaman. I faction changed my Draenei shaman some time ago, and was getting the urge to play a shaman Alliance side again, but am glad I waited to reroll until this week so I could make my dwarf shaman lady.
  4. The new Deadmines. I had so much fun running through there yesterday that I totally forgot to take any screenies. And that’s pretty much unheard of for me, yes? The entrance area is that same old tunnel, but not the same inhabitants (the same goes for the entire Moonbrook area– it reminds me of our old bus terminal downtown.) Once you get into the actual entrance, the loot is the same but most of the bosses are completely different. Many little touches that make it a much more fun place to explore and fight in. Lots of things to pick up, explode, or hop onto. And portals conveniently scattered around so you don’t have to run run run back if you die in a PUG on your lowbies. I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, so the only thing I will give away right now is: mining monkeys you can set free. Mwahahaha.
  5. Many new pets! So far, no new pet achievement for having 100 pets, but we do have a whole slew of new pets to pursue. I’d suggest you first head to Hillsbrad to find the goblin botanist who can give you the Plants Versus Ghouls questline starter, Basic Botany. At the end you’ll be rewarded with the adorable singing sunflower. And a plea for courtesy: level 80 pet collectors, don’t follow around lowbies questing in the same areas you are in for pursuing your pet. It’s really incredibly lame of you to 1-shot mobs they’ve DoTd or are casting at. There are plenty of quest mobs for everyone so DBAD.

BONUS: A big THANK YOU to Blizz for the many improved textures that help make the redesigned Orgrimmar and Stormwind cities truly magnificent. You’ve outdone yourself guys.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Five Favorite Post-Shattering Things (so far)”

  1. Agree! I’m having ao much fun!!
    Gonna say, no particular order:
    The Tauren and Draenei Paladin mounts.
    Hillsbrad quests.
    Nelf Mages and Blood Elf Warriors.
    New Orgrimmar.
    New pets.
    But, as you say, I feel I’ve barely touched any of it!

  2. Rude ? I usually kill mobs for lowbies, if I see they are getting low on health and have already targeted the mob. I usually get tanks, not yells or cussing.

  3. It’s perfectly fine for folks who want to be nice and helpful to add some oomph to finish off a mob. What I am talking about above are those folks who snipe the mobs. I had two 80s doing that to my lowbie for about a half hour. It was incredibly frustrating and lame.
    I personally, when grinding Timbermaw rep on various toons, always invited lowbies to my party to speed them through their quests and not accidentally steal their kills.

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