Friday Five: Love is in the Air Edition

  1. Despite the terrible lag that’s made raiding — and everything else — a pain this week, it’s small things like the love boats (seen here in Undercity but also available to visitors in Stormwind) that have made this holiday fun.
  2. Go to your faction’s primary LiitA city (Orgrimarr or Ironforge) every day to get your daily (5 tokens), and turn in friendship bracelets to your faction leaders daily (20 bracelets total) to make your love tokens grind go faster.
  3. The Apothecary Trio in SFK are a blast, and are finally a holiday boss my power team couldn’t easily do as a trio with my SP heals. Trying to be not bitter our only toxic wasteling drop thus far didn’t make it into my pet window.
  4. This is not the week to try to do an AB. We are all there to Pity the Fool at the Blacksmith. Sorry! You can gank us as we hearth out tho.
  5. I did the candy achievements last year, but so far, it seems that everyone in my guild got their achievements with their first bag of candy/box of chocolates. So don’t let last year’s bad experience with it keep you from doing it this go ’round.

BONUS: I wish Blizz had made the plushie/in-game wyvern pet available for Valentine’s day. Sniffle.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Love is in the Air Edition”

  1. I’ve been enjoying the holiday so far, but I’ve eaten 4 bags of candy at this point and still don’t have that achievement. I freaking hate those stupid little candy hearts.

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