Friday Five: Five Ways to Get in a Cataclysm State of Mind Now

We’re in that last tiny pre-Cataclysm stretch. Are you excited yet? I know I’m already having a blast even without having all the Cataclysm goodies unlocked yet. But in case you’re still “Bah Humbug!” about all this, here are some ways to get into the Cataclysm spirit now.

  1. Head to Hillsbrad, going to its mid-Western Border and seek out Brazie the Botanist and the “Basic Botany” quest. It’s the start of a small Plants versus Ghouls quest chain, with each level increasing in difficulty, and culminating in a pitched battle that rewards victors with the Singing Sunflower pet.
  2. Head to the Eastern Plaguelands, to the far South West where the low road meets the border with the Western Plaguelands at the river. You are looking for a worgen named Fiona, standing next to her gypsy caravan. She will send you off to do some quests that will eventually lead you back to her, and allow you to check out her caravan. Once you get to that point, choose to have Fiona’s Lucky Charm buff cast upon you. And now, the real time sink begins. With that buff active, you may kill mobs throughout the Eastern Plaguelands and have a chance at them dropping a Hidden Stash bag. that bag has a small chance to contain the BoP vanity pet Mr. Grubs.
  3. Head to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and get cracking on doing your new cooking dailies. If you do them Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you’ll earn yourself the ability to purchase a new recipe, which will allow you to get cracking with your cooking leveling on Tuesday, first thing.
  4. Mosey yourself over to Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep. These are not your old favorites, they’re your Extreme Makeover Dungeon Edition old friends.
  5. If somehow you are still not feeling it, and you happen to be a fisherperson, get started on your saltwater or freshwater new fishing achievements. To get started, walk outside of whatever city you are in and head to the closest body of water, and fish. Look for shimmering pools of special fish. Then hop on your favorite mount and head out in search of more special pools of fish, exploring all these somewhat familiar, but not quite the same places that you’ve previously explored. If going out into New Azeroth and seeing the sites doesn’t do it for you, I’m not sure if anything else can or will.

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