Friday Five: Five Vanity Pets I’d Like to See In-game

  1. A black-and-white tuxedo cat. I would name him Mister Bill, in memorium of my tuxedo kitty who passed away earlier this year. Mister Bill loved to sit on our laps and help us play WoW.
  2. A squirrel. Just a plain old common squirrel, with an acorn. His special movement could involve running to-and-fro, collecting acorns.
  3. A silver dragon whelp, mechanical, but for non-engineers. I love whelps and it would be a cute wink at some of our obsessions with chasing after silver elites as we travel through the world.
  4. A hamster in a rolly plastic ball. Ball should be yellow and orange plastic, like the old herbatrails. It could be an achievement related item since there aren't any hamsters in-game to make it be a logical pet choice.
  5. Pug puppy. I hope the recently discovered Pug file in game will give us our first Warcraft puppy

BONUS PET: Spectral tiger wheely pull-toy. Is this already a card game item?

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