Friday Five: Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About my Shadow Priest

  1. Anexxia was born in January 2007. She is seen here with her co-conspirator Archturus, a disc priest with whom she duo’d a number of instances at level. I didn’t start playing her in earnest until October of that year. After only a few months, I was hooked on shadowy spellcasting.
  2. By December 2007, it became clear that the friend whose server I rolled on didn’t have the most inviting/friendly guild, and wouldn’t be a place I could see myself join.Β The guild ended up dissolving and my friend ended up quitting WoW, hence why I rolled my Alliance shadow priest in December 2007.
  3. Anexxia was moved to Bronzebeard in December 2008 to join Daughters of the Horde, a guild with whom I’d become acquainted through Livejournal. I slowly leveled her up to 80, while still raiding Naxx on my Alliance druid, but by mid-Spring, toe dipping her bony toes into raiding in Naxx 10s and 25, she had usurped the druid’s position as my main.
  4. Despite the fact that many folks pronounce her name Onyxia, her name was, in fact, one I made up from scratch, playing off the idea that she was an auxiliary character I had created to explore the horde-side of the game and as a break from my progression raiding guild.
  5. No, she doesn’t heal. Yes, she has an offspec that the armory notes is holy. However, truth be told, she has used it approximately once. When a bunch of us were running around Northrend visiting elders. On a lark, the peeps asked me to heal. I lasted through a partial instance before one of our group members volunteered to go get his healer. *cough* Yes, I am sure I could learn how to heal if I put my mind to it. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE shadow priesting and thus am not inclined *to* put my mind to it. And that’s OK. You can have me heal on my shaman, and I plan to learn how to druid heal again in Cataclysm, but for me, priesting is all about the shadowform, baby.

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About my Shadow Priest”

  1. Hey now, I remember you having to heal some completely fail Siege of Ulduar with Cloo back in the dying days of the scrubraid. Oh, “Ignis progression”. /sniffle
    I had never associated Annexia with Onyxia, but also had never realized the pun between a reroll and “Annex”. Clever!

  2. haha I had totally forgotten about those shenanigans..I seem to recall shielding people a lot, and hitting renew. Terrible! I am pretty sure I wold have done more in shadowform shielding and healing with VE πŸ˜‰
    I *do* miss those good old days of raiding with you missy!

  3. I can fully understand wanting to be a shadow priest and not heal. In vanilla I was a rogue for my main but was leveling a priest “on the side” to be shadow. Cause you know, shadow is awesomecakes, right?
    So towards the end of the expansion I was actually a priest since I’d stopped raiding more hardcore and was taking it easy. Do you think anyone let me be shadow though? Nope.. I was healing 20 man raids πŸ™
    As TBC rolled around I was all tagged and thinking I’d totally be shadow now! We were a bunch of friends who started our own guild and I’d definitely get to be shadow now, right? Nope.. we were short on healers and I still had to heal.
    Eventually I grew bored of having to be a healer and rerolled a warlock cause at least then no one could ask me to heal! Muahahaha πŸ˜›
    Glad you’re managing to stay shadow, don’t fold! Never fold! Stay shadow and love it! πŸ˜› Melt those faces!

  4. hehehe yeah, at the beginning of WotLK I ran into the “but we NEED you to heal!” issue with my boomkin, which I solved by leveling my shaman. Wisely, I moved said shaman with the shadow priest to serve in that capacity as well. You have to stick with doing what you love and what feels right with each of your toons IMHO. Will be interesting to go through the expansion peer pressure all over again shortly…

  5. Once upon a time I too did not heal. Hence my 2nd priest was born and leveled – but I find it is all to easy to find a place, a raid, a pug as a healer. I get more invites from pugs to join their guild on my lesser geared, ( but still icc geared) holy priest then my main

  6. I hope that with this patch more folks will embrace the benefits of having a shadow priest in their raids…I am planning to relearn how to druid heal though so I do have a healer available when the need arises.

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