Friday Five: Five Things to Remember on Halion

  1. Druids, remember to dig out your hibernate button. You will need it for a mob or two in here. Dragonkin sleep so peacefully with your help.
  2. When in doubt, run out. Oh wait, I mean, run back in if the trash kills you. Yeah, that's what I meant.
  3. If combustion or consumption explodes on you, keep all your means of self preservation in mind. Instant heals (including lock rocks and pots), damage reducing effects, etc. Personal accountability is key on this fight.
  4. Those lines of flames from the meteor strike? Run away from –not through– the fires. Think about Archimonde and his nasty fires. Fire burns! See also, if you get a battle rez, check the ground near your rezzer and ensure you don't accept only to revive in the midst of a fiery death patch.
  5. That shadowy line between two orbs that cuts across the room? Make sure you don't get hemmed in by it. Immediately move the opposite direction fro where it's going when the twilight cutter pops up between two orbs.

BONUS FROST LORD AHUNE TIP: Please don't berate your casters about focusing all their DPS on him while everyone else manages the adds. Ahune takes 25% damage (a.k.a. a 75% reduction) during phase 1. So it's not the optimal use of our mana. If we DoT him and help fire down the adds, that usually works just fine. And it makes us nerd rage to see 5 adds up smacking us and the healer b/c you insisted…

Happy Friday!

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