Friday Five: Five Things to Multitask in WoW While You are on the Phone

Deepholm can be pretty

Don’t you hate sitting on hold? The jaunty muzak, the boringness of it all? Just as deadly is when you get roped into a phone conversation that mostly consists of you being a recipient of someone else’s non-stop monologue. These situations do not lend themselves to your joining a 5-man. However, there are a number of things you *can* easily and comeptantly do while stuck ont he phone for an undetermined amount of time:

  1. Gathering professions. Make a loop of your favorite zone and pick up herbs or mining nodes. This sort of farming does so much better while multitasking.
  2. Fishing. You can fly around searching for pools, or you can just go to the spot that provides your favorite fish, and cast+click then cast again. Heroics and raids are raraely a one-food affair these days, so it’s nice to have a stack or two on hand. And if that’s not enough to motivate you, you can get an achievement for maxing out fishing, and your guild can get an achievement for you fishing up every pool that crosses your path for the next few months.
  3. Profession chores. Milling herbs. Making bolts of cloth. Doing your daily transmute. Check! Check! Check!
  4. Bank maintenance. Toss all those old pieces of non-dress up gear from WotLK. You won’t need them. Also toss out those quest reward greens you weren’t sure about equipping along the way. You won’t use them either. Are those some non-BOP stackable items I see in your bank too? Send that to your bank alt!
  5. Exploration through Archaeology. Are you a world explorer yet? If not, now’s the time to go see the many landscape changes, while picking up relics from Azeroth’s past. Archaeology likes to send you to there and back again, and provides a great excuse to do fly-bys of all your old haunts.

Top Thing NOT to Do While on the Phone: Queue in LFD. Those 4 other people do not look kindly upon someone who is standing at the front of the instance for 5-10 minutes, unresponsive, or who distractedly walks into another group of mobs. If you are on the phone (or at work for that matter) don’t queue. Go do something solo until you can give WoW your close to full attention.

This post brought to you courtesy of my having spent way too much time on hold this past week, trying to get a firm to stop spamming me with their direct mail welcome packages (25 packages and counting so far). I feel welcomed already! Stop with the dead tree deluge! Gah!

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Things to Multitask in WoW While You are on the Phone”

  1. Aye. Most 5 mans do not take kindly when the healer (me) is not paying attention. :-0 I’ve done this on a really long, boring conference calls, too (shhhh 🙂

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