Friday Five: Five Reasons I’m Glad I Server Transferred My Alliance Toons

About two months ago, I impetuously gave myself an early birthday present and transferred my favorite Alliance toons off the server of their inception (where I’d started playing WoW 4 1/2 years ago), and to a server where some of my favorite twitter/blog WoW peeps live. After two months in their new home, I give you, 5 reasons I know this was the right move:

  1. I have fun even while on my bank alt, thank to the chit chat in the /twitter channel.
  2. Did I mention the super robust economy yet? I’m not a real hardcore banker, but I do like to have a comfortable cushion of cash, especially heading into an expansion. Fcusing on a few small items, including my inscription, I’ve managed to squirrel away a little bit of cash, and pay for all sorts of must-purchases.
  3. My boomkin got to see the inside of ICC and ToC. Those were two items not on any of my bucket lists because on the old server, that just wasn’t going to happen.
  4. A new home enabled me to finally get the gnome mage to 80. The tumbleweeds rolling through the prior server/guild’s chat channels didn’t inspire me to play for very long. I really do enjoy the social aspects of this game. Good conversation can keep me on for longer than I’ve intended, while lack of any conversation, or worse yet, conversation at the junior high school level, can chase me offline pretty quickly.
  5. I absolutely adore my night elf druid, with her 100 vanity pets, and her motorcycle, and her old skool titles, and her silly barrel roll jumps. And I really missed playing her. Getting to log her on and have something to do is absolutely priceless.

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Reasons I’m Glad I Server Transferred My Alliance Toons”

  1. I know I don’t talk much in Twitter (seems I’m always in a raid when everyone’s online), but I’m certainly glad you’re here!
    And also that you’re playing your druid, that makes me all warm and fuzzy. 😀

  2. Finding the right home is important in any MMO. Transferring most of my toons to my new server has been great I have gotten to do so much more in game then I ever imagined I would because I found a great home 🙂

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