Friday Five: Five Primary Things I’ve Done Since Cataclysm Hit

boomkin on a seahorse...wut?

Now that December 7th has come and gone, and level 85s are already complaining about how bored they are and my what long dungeon queues they have, I bring you this Friday Five, covering how I have spent the last 3 Cataclysmic days…

  1. Wading knee deep in professions. When I log in a new character, the first to-do is to visit all their profession trainers and train so I can start getting those professions skill-ups rolling. Of course I forgot to do that for my Alliance druid’s skinning (that trainer is all the way out in Old Town SW, and thus was forgotten), so although she skinned plenty in Vashj’ir, you didn’t gain any points for it, alas. So far, have been pushing the levers on working on my horde-side tailoring, fishing and cooking, and herbing; alliance side the most headway was made with alchemy and inscription, but tailoring and enchanting are moving along as well.
  2. Checking out the new starter instances. Given that we need to up our ilvls in order to use LFD for the later instances, I’ve been making sure I do the starter instances as soon as I can find a group of friends or guildies interested in doing so. And yes, I have been equipping dungeon blues to replace my ilvl 251 pieces on the druid. The SP has built a set of crafted gear to meet the new ilvl requirements as well, but is still hanging on to some 264/277 pieces.
  3. Questing and dungeoning with guildies. I easily maxed out my guild reputation from the week over the course of each toon’s one evening of playtime, thanks in large part to questing with my SO (which kept me focused and moving forward through the story lines) and dungeoning with guildies and friends which kept us out of what I’ve heard has been a 40-minute LFD queue for DPS.
  4. Leveling slowly but surely. I’ve only had a few hours each evening to play, as I’ve had a full plate at work this week. But even with the limitation of just 3 or so hours per night to play, my druid and my shadow priest are each halfway through 81.
  5. Sightseeing. I’ve yet to do an aerial tour of Azeroth, or even get started on my archaeology, but when I am out in the new areas, I am making sure I stop to smell the Cinderblooms, and to take plenty of screenies. That can backfire sometimes though, mind you. Such as the case with the screenshot you see on this page. Wouldn’t you agree that is is terribly unfair that I was able to ride this adorable seahorse whilst in boomkin form in performance of the quest? But that once I received my very own seahorse to have and to hold, I was unable to ride him except in caster form? I’m being opressed!.

How have you been spending your first few days in Azeroth? Speed leveling one toon to 85? Making a killing in the AH? Or taking your time and rolling new alts?

One thought on “Friday Five: Five Primary Things I’ve Done Since Cataclysm Hit”

  1. I’ve spent my time doing all of the above. Right now I’m focusing on not being focused on anything so that I can jump around doing whatever I want whenever I decide to do it.

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