Friday Five: Five Nice Changes for Your Alts

In the past week+ since 3.2 dropped I've seen that many folks were not aware of the many awesome changes in the patch that positively affect alts and leveling. And thus, I bring you today's five great changes for your alts:

  • Inventory your badges and buy your favorite alt their BOA chest with 10% experience boost. If you have more than 1 alt that is a spellcaster, buy the cloth version so you can share them back-and-forth when the mood to play strikes. YES you really can share them with multiple alts– that's totally the point! And the 10% bonus XP from the shoulders stacks with the chest making leveling a lot less of a chore.
  • Get thee to the stables! Chances are your alt is now eligible for a mount: Apprentice Riding (Skill 75) can now be learned at level 20 for 4 gold; Journeyman Riding (Skill 150) can now be learned at level 40 for 50 gold.That's right — epic land mounts to help you zip around as you quest!
  • Get ready to fly your way through Outlands and Northrend. Your level 60 may purchase Expert Riding (Skill 225) for 600 gold from trainers in Honor Hold or Thrallmar. Then, your 80 can purchase the Tome of Cold Weather Flight which will allow you level 68 alt to start flying through Northrend a sollid 9 levels before you were able to do so. Unfortunately, it is consumed upon use unike the other Heirloom BoA items.
  • If you have a baby druid at level 16, run them over to the druid trainer to buy Travel Form. If not, enjoy knowing that you too will save some travel time for your alts thanks to the Azeroth postal system finally adding some more mailboxes to the major ities that previously had one gridlocked box.
  • The days of running to the Blasted Lands to get to the Dark Portal and doing the death ride to Shattrath are over. The portal areas in all major cities now provide a portal to the Blasted Lands that pops you out in view of the Dark Portal. And after crossing through the Dark Portal, players can access a flight path directly from the Stair of Destiny to Shattrath.

Overall, a nice selection of time-saving changes that will make leveling your next alt a lot less painful. Thank you Blizz!

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