Friday Five: Five Hallow’s End Faves


Those of us not at Blizzcon at the moment are thankful to have Hallow’s End activities to keep us busy. And pleasantly, there are even a few *new* features and activities in which to take part. And thus, today’s Friday Five, Five Hallow’s End Faves.

  1. Creepy Crate. Don’t let its clumpity clump clumping behind you fool you– there’s a shadow priest trapped in there! Park yourself next to a critter and you’ll see what I mean. Those are SHADOW ORBS you see before you…
  2. Feline Familiar. A cute kitty with glowing green eyes and a witches hat, who pops out onto a broom to follow you as you fly around and about. My only compliant here, is the kitty doesn’t really have as wide a range of animations/activities as some of our other pets. But it is adorable so I’ll live with it.
  3. Stink Bomb Runs. The fun of PvP without all that pesky danger! You hop on the back of a witch’s broom (as per above, which I did while posing as one of those humans’ ghostly ancestors) and are whisked away to your enemy faction’s city where you are able to merrily toss stink bombs wherever you’d like. Now that’s fun!
  4. Tons of Guild Rep via the candy buckets. Due to having a number of high level characters, I’ve yet to max out my guild rep on any of them. I slapped on my Renowned Guild Tabard, got myself a wickerman buff, and then set off to collect enough tricky treats from candy buckets to buy the Feline Familiar, and earned a ton of guild rep along the way.
  5. Hallow’s End Vendors. Pet and toy vendors, wand vendors and mask vendors. Not only do tricky treats finally have a use, those folks who have been perpetually a few masks short of an achievement can take care of that at their leisure, no longer dependent upon RNG.

What’s been your favorite Hallow’s End change?


2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Hallow’s End Faves”

  1. This holiday hasn’t been as much fun since I was in my obligatory last-minute hobo costume at age 9-I agree–so many great things this Hallow’s Eve – and I know this is silly, but I really like the ‘throwing cares away’ in the Wickerman fire. This is my favorite time of year anyway, so this has only added to the tricks and treats!

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