Friday Five: Five Easy Ways to Give Back to Your Guild

At the end of a busy week, it’s easy to veg out at the computer playing baby alts or farming for pets. All worthwhile pursuits, mind you. But you could also just as easily take that chill out time and use it for the common good. Here are some ideas for ways to give back to your guild that can keep on giving:

  1. Make a list of all the rare patterns you have, including links out to the materials required for crafting them, and post it on your guild forums.
  2. Clean out the excess fish/meat from your bank and use up some of the Dalaran Spices you’ve been hoarding and donate the resulting feasts and specialty foods to the guild bank.
  3. Drop your raid leader or GM a note to let them know you appreciate their time and efforts. You would be surprised how infrequently they receive a thank you rather than a wall of whining in their mailbox.
  4. Put your crafting professions to use and add some items to the guild bank: craft netherweave bags, gems, less expensive but still viable enchants, glyphs, or whatever common item you can make that folks need on an ongoing basis.
  5. Take some alts on a run through a lowbie instance. Leveling sucks! Be an alt’s hero for the day by taking 15 minutes to run them through SFK/VC (or going on a regular Northrend dungeon run for that matter). This good karma may even come back to you some day.

What are some other ways you’ve given back to your guild?

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Easy Ways to Give Back to Your Guild”

  1. I go out of my way to welcome new people to the guild. I include them in on runs, send them bags, and send them lowbie gear. I’ll also hop on a lowbie alt and run instances with them. Occasionally I would run them through instances too. I also send them some gold. It’s one less thing they have to think about as a lowbie. I know what it’s like being new to the server. At times it can be hard making new buddies so I try to make that easier.
    I make sure I thank people after a group run too. Sure it’s just a game, but I do believe it feels great to here words of praise/encouragement in-game too. :)I do the other stuff you mentioned too. I guess you could say that enhances my enjoyment of the game too being able to help others. I really enjoy helping others in the real world and it carries over into the virtual communities I’m part of too. 🙂
    You would be surprised how infrequently they receive a thank you rather than a wall of whining in their mailbox.
    Ok, the ‘wall of whining’ made me laugh out loud but it’s so true. At times you see this happening. There are some people you won’t hear them say anything when things are going well (interpretation, going there way.) However you might hear a lot from some of those people when things are ‘wrong’. Take cover, you’re about to be hammered with waves of negativity. 😉
    At times you can become frustrated, but I always think about how I say things too. Since I know that what I say can be taken the wrong way. Therefore I make an effort to choose my words wisely. I agree with you, It’s important to recognize your GM’s and raid leaders too.

  2. Ok I should have written…
    I do believe it feels great to hear words
    (interpretation, going their way.)
    I’m going to stop now before I catch other errors. 😉

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