Friday Five: Five Character Naming Conventions That Drive Me Batty

  1. Characters with their class in their name. You know… elspally, elspriest, elsdruid. Because your class isn't apparent when we mouse over you or anything.
  2. Characters with their function in their name. Bonus points for when the name has class and function (druidhealer, shamheals). Double bonus points when the person's name has heals in it yet they are dps or a tank only, not a healer.
  3. Intentionally misspelled names "because it was taken spelled right"
  4. Names with special characters. You do realize no one will ever type you out a mail, yes, ever, don't you?
  5. Anything that references Legolas involving an elf.

BONUS GUILD NAME PET PEEVE: Unintentionally misspelled words in a guild tag. Especially when it's a guild with more than just your bank alt. For shame.

11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Character Naming Conventions That Drive Me Batty”

  1. awww I still lurve you! I primarily mean things like pop culture references spelled wrong, the best druid on the server’s name with an extra letter etc. Some idiot made a gnome warlock and copied it off my SO’s gnome warlock, incouding his name — just added a y. I wanted to smack that person with the clue stick every time I saw them…

  2. A girl I used to raid with had a mage named Jodi. Her bank, a druid, was named Jodibank. At some point instead of starting a new toon she leveled Jodibank up to level cap and started raiding with her. I never quite understood why…

  3. Also, I didn’t have room in the 5 for this one:
    Person named after a spell they can cast. Frequently involves the word shock, because shocks are sexay. Or something.

  4. Do I have a warlock with “Dot” in her name? You bet I do.
    I also have a mage with “Mage” in her name, come to think of it.
    I am fail at overly literal naming conventions, apparently.

  5. The lack of punctuation in Guild names drives me to despair. The lack of an apostrophe in the Dwarven Gentlemen’s Club niggles at me endlessly.
    So, yes, I feel your pain 🙂

  6. My Alliance server is full of redundant guild names… Final Execution…Immortal Legacy…etc.
    I wish I were making this up.

  7. That made me laugh. I agree entirely. But what double triple bonus bugs me is that I play on an RP server!
    Hello Mr. Shamheals, can I get you a drink.
    Now that is some deep RP (sarcasm). It just ruins the whole effect.

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