Friday Five: Five Blog Posts You Should be Reading This Week

In no particular order, here are five blogs I read each week (or however often they update) that you should have on your blog roll too:

  • An Interesting Thing Happened in the UC Sewers
    Tessy over at Reflections from the Pond did Wrathgate again recently, and had a run in with a perfect stranger who jumped down her throat for not assisting Varian with his assault on the Undercity. And yes a big motivator for linking this post was 1) I want more frequent posts from Tessy! and 2) the video link is a must watch. Mwahaha.
  • The Walls of Wintergrasp and Terrain Exploits
    It’s been a while since I’ve seen Cyn this worked up, or writing this much on a hot PvP topic. A must read. After all it kept him from our ZA fun run, so you know he was consumed with writerly inspiration.
  • Why the BETA will be Better Than the Release
    Larisa at Pink Pigtail Inn makes a good case for why playing the BETA might in fact be more personally rewarding for some players than playing the live release.
  • Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: A Call to Blizzard for a Better UI
    I liked Jaded Alt’s article (at her new digs!) on her UI wishlist. Given the many changes to UI that Blizz has implemented over the pastΒ  5 years, we just may see some of them eventually.
  • Mages Making Money
    Mana Obscura’s post got me motivated to clean out my banks and work on acquiring some more Gs in my bank to fund the inevitable expansion gold sinks.
  • Sticks and Orcs and Mary Sues
    I’ve really been enjoying Oddcraft’s warchief election posts. Here’s the latest — Thrall vs. Basic Campfire vs. Richard Knaak.

This week was too much work and too little warcraft and reading these posts on my BBerry as I traveled too and from work gave me a nice Warcraft fix. And for that, bloggers, I thank you.


3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Blog Posts You Should be Reading This Week”

  1. Thanks, Candy! I appreciate you replacing over “Cyn was frothing in a fit of rage” with “Cyn was worked up.” It makes me sound much more like I’m in my calm, cool, collected online persona.
    *looks around for that persona*
    Ahem. Right.
    I wondered what had prompted your selloff; now I know! Nice links all around. Even if there are six of them. πŸ™‚

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