Friday Five: Firelands Screenshots 5

Because a screenshot is worth a million firey deaths…or something. ;p

It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's Psychocandy suffering from creepy lag in Stormwind!

Ever since patch 4.2, I’ve been doing a lot of air swimming in Stormwind on my druid. It seems to take a minute or so for the screen to catch up with the idea that she in flight form.

Remind me again how this chick is unarmed? She still has hands! And her spellcaster mace!

This one never gets old…how exactly is a spellcaster with hands intact, holding a mace, unarmed? Malfurion, honey, you need to buy some glasses!

Yeah, that's OK, you just ride around on your kitties looking cool -- I'll take care of all the trespassers myself...

All these NPCs prancing around and at best they can be counted on to waltz in and take the killing blow on a mob. Unless of course they are busy posing on their ponies, er, kitties. Mmmhmmmm.

Shouldn't they be giving us hazard pay for this? Or at least giving us a lead suit to wear? And who is this Aggra chick and why does she think she's Jaina??

Lady, I just met you. But Thrall and I go way back. What is all this true love stuff you are talking about? Who are you again? ANd how did you take over Thrall’s heart? What’s that? You have a book you want to sell me…?

Hangin' with my druid posse, yo!

The absolute best part of the Patch 4.2 content is my druid getting to run around as part of a druid posse. Most. Fun. In ages.

What are some of your favorite patch 4.2 moments?

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Firelands Screenshots 5”

  1. So far, my favorite Firelands quest has been one where I have to go to Sethria’s ledge and rid it of intruders. The second I land, a goblin in his car shows up at my side, saying something about dodging a ball being the same as dodging some kind of engineers wrench. In my chat log as I am doing the quest, I see random comments from Archmage Vargoth, Nat Pagle, Tony Two Tusks, and a few others. Apparently, this elemental fighting isn’t Nat’s thing. I hope it was a daily. because I really want to screenshot some of the commentary. Too fun!

  2. I enjoy having some NPC buddies in the new quests. It doesn’t entirely break up the monotony of repeating the quests, but it rocks, especailly on my druid, to have a posse.

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