Friday Five: Echo Isles Screenshots Edition

This post contains screenshots that detail the Echo Isles liberation through the Zalazane’s Fall quest line. Do not read on if you do not wish to see spoilers.

I love the smell of voodoo in the afternoon…

I love that even the small animals that inhabit the Isles came along to assist.

There is some serious mojo in this hut. Tiki power!

It was rewarding that we were able to get our man in the end. Zalazane eluded capture a few times, but, ultimately, fell thanks to the troll mojo.

Troll Shadow Priest taking back Echo Isles

Even a temporary troll knows one of the most important parts of battle is celebrating your win by dancing. Yah man!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Echo Isles Screenshots Edition”

  1. With the trolls it felt more complete, but I have to be honest and say I had more fun with the gnomies. I really enjoyed the flying through Dun Morogh, and the gnome transformation item. And the parachuting down.

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