Friday Five: Birthday Week Edition

Ah, birthday week! You were very good to me this year…

  1. My SO gave me the one thing I really really wanted for my birthday

  2. Blizzard gave my druid her very own fancy schmancy fishing pole.
  3. Cynwise, Ambermist and I had a druid dance party in the Eventide…
  4. …which inspired a battlechicken rap!
  5. And Anexxia got her very own Elwynn Lamb, bring her up to 100 vanity pets! Huzzah!

Not bad for what turned out to be a pretty hectic week, including a sick day in the middle of it.

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Birthday Week Edition”

  1. I keep telling myself that I’m not interested in vanity pets. Then I see things like the Spectral Tiger cub and pause. That is one slick-looking present!
    Also, Happy Birthday!

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