Friday Five: 5 WoW Things That Have Recently Made Me Happy

  1. I got my druid her classic raider achievement. Her vanilla WoW guild fell apart right about C’thun, and I never went back to do it until now. AS a bonus, there was some moonkin dancing. RAWR.
  2. It’s starting to feel like Cataclysm is really on the horizon, now that Patch 4.0.1 is on the PTRs. And for the first time in ages, I got the PTR to download and work properly. Huzzah!
  3. My Alliance shadow priest dinged 80 a bit over a week ago. I’ve been hitting up the randoms with her, and gotten a whole slew of achievements, and some reasonably good gear. Hooray!
  4. Warcraft Pets has the scoop on some new pets for Cataclysm, including, an armadillo! WANT!
  5. I logged some time on the PTR’s heroic dummies on Anexxia, and found that PTR shadow priest DPS is on par with Live. i.e. They haven’t broken anything. And that’s without the logs picking up any of the alleged damage from my shadowy apparitions. I do have one QQ tho — why is it that some of my shadowy apparitions are not shadowy? I deman Truth in advertising! Needs more shadow!

What’s made you happy in WoW recently?

10 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 WoW Things That Have Recently Made Me Happy”

  1. for me its the realisation that the old land is about to die so I’m trying to see as much of it as possible by completing the quest achievements in eastern kingdoms and kalimdor 🙂

  2. That was part of what inspired my round the world motorcycle trip on my shadow priest (along with a Blog Azeroth shared topic.) I am undecided if my druid will make the same trek.

  3. Happy times: The old world raids every week are great. I love going back and raiding the old stuff where there’s no stress of screwing things up or staying online an extra hour for “just one more shot”. It’s nice to just go in there, wipe the floor with the bosses, and call it a day. Having never had the opportunity to raid anything pre-ICC because of when I started and all of the server hopping, it’s always nice to see places that I never get to go to as well.
    It’s also nice having my wife in Beta with me now so that we can both level and test and enjoy the new aspects of the game together. No more having to tell her whether or not to avert her eyes as she walks past, “New zone, look away! Holy crap, did you see that!?!” – “See what?” – “No, don’t look! But holy cow, that was AMAZING!!!” *random object flies towards Psynister’s head* /dodge

  4. lol I am both happy for you two being in BETA and incredibly jealous!
    And I have been having a blast in the old instances as well. For me, they are old friends where I spent a ton of time, and it’s neat to go back and be able to have time to /dane and take screenshots etc.

  5. More happy times: Having a lot of people growing bored on their servers coming over to hang out with us on ours. Of course, that’s where the beta sort of bites me in the butt, but still.

  6. Getting loremaster on my toon. I’m still not sure what I want from Cataclysm though. So many choices for races and classes and builds. I do love it that there are so many world events coming this month 🙂 always make me happy ^^

  7. Recently? Finding out that there were fewer things required for Brewmaster than I’d thought, so I can put in more Loremaster time. Congratulations on the recent things making you happy!
    p.s. ARMADILLO?! I hadn’t heard.

  8. I should poke at it and see if I can get a Brewmaster title for some of my peeps tho I am probably not going to have enough play time to do the dailies, etc. Maybe next year.
    And ZOMG so many cool new pets we have to look forward to!

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