Friday Five: 5 Ways I’m Getting Ready for Cataclysm

Today's Friday Five inspired by the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic suggested by Nexdominus.

  1. With the help of guildies and some awesome WoW tweeps, I made myself a fancy bank alt guild. It also doubles as a place my Alliance friends can come hang out on new lowbie hordlings. We've got candy! And cobra pets in the bank! You know you want to reroll!
  2. I'm making myself some bags for my goblin hunter. And trying to decide what profession she'll have. I still lack a Blacksmith so that's tempting. 
  3. I've been looking into friendly places to make my worgens since I'm not sure how active my Alliance server/guild will be in the expansion. Right now it seems my entire Alliance guild (those that are left here) are on hiatus. And the server as a whole doesn't seem to be as active as my horde server is. WTB Alliance server!
  4. I cleaned out my bags across all my characters. Even the ones I don't play on my old horde server. Leveling=need moar room in bags! 
  5. Last and most expensively, I am working on maxing out all of my professions. Yes, if history is repeated, they will add some easier skill up recipes in the expansion to get folks past the last 25 or so points of their profession. But that will cost new materials that I know I will want to be spending on learning shiny new skill points above 450!

BONUS: As previously noted herein, I completed my motorbike tour of Azeroth, thus earning the World Explorer achievement. Those screenshots will get to go in the scrapbook of memories once things are torn asunder.

How about you? What're you doing to get prepared for Cataclysm?

13 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Ways I’m Getting Ready for Cataclysm”

  1. Getting ready for Cata? I’m just working on leveling my last handful of alts. And trying to figure out a name for my worgen rogue. I’m having a hard time coming up with goals other than just getting through the summer without completely losing any forward motion on raiding.
    Feel free to roll an alt with us on Azuremyst, by the way. I have no problem with cool people parking an alt in my guild. 😀

  2. @anexxia: You seem to have a fascination with bag space and bags (as it appears in 3 of your 5). Perhaps it’s time to start a campaign- Friends of Anexxia : Upgrade the default character backpack from 16 to 32 please.
    @alas: Worgen.. I totally forgot about them. With the changes to how heirloom mailing works cross-faction and having done Alliance to death once upon a time, I’m not sure I’ll even worry about my worgen alt until much farther into the actual expac. Though a worgen rogue would be cool.. =)

  3. Yes it is true I have been obsessed with bag space for some time. It’s because my Alliance main carried around T1, T2 and all her mini pets in the bank and had healing and DPS gear sets in her bags for my three years playing her. She never had enough space!

  4. Figuring out the names is totally the hardest part for me as well. I need to sit down with a glass of wine and do a brainstorm sheet I think.
    And I will be taking you up on the server suggestion (thank you!)– I want to try out a few servers to find a more active place for my Alliance toons in the hopes they will be less neglected in Cataclysm.

  5. Should we start a list of servers that people should not transfer to? I have horde and ally chars on Exodar and can say from experience that both sides are fairly even in guilds. As far as pvp ally has the upper hand in WG. As far as PVE Horde has the top raiding guild. Having said that I will add that Exodar is not a server I would recommend to anyone. We are slow on progression and have one of the worst trade channels I have ever seen. Why do I stay? too broke to transfer and I would miss the (very few) stand up people I know.
    For the expansion I am working on getting a few different chars to 80 (any that are outlands and higher). That way I will be able to chose which char I really want as my main. I am leaning towards my S. Priest that I just got to 80. I won’t be making a new char for the expansion right away because I don’t want to deal with zone crowding. I do have a nameholder in my roster for a goblin when I do make one. I confess that I also deal with bag space issues. I am still hanging onto gear from Karazhan that has deep memories.

  6. I would have to say I would not encourage anyone to head to Lightbringer due to the lag and more often than I would want to see login queue. And Shadowsong never recovered Alliance side from Makavelli moving off server. It never feels as though there are PUG raids going on there, but it always was pretty insular.
    I think multiple max level toons is always a good thing for starting out in an expansion, because as they change classes, the toon you loved playing this expansion may frustrate the heck out of you in the next one. I’m a case in point for that. Had been a healing (non-tree) druid up ’til 3.0 hit at which point she went balance and I eventually went FT with my horde shadow priest instead. Having an open mind is good, especially when the world’s torn asunder.

  7. Funny. Half my characters are plate-wearers, and I *still* don’t have a blacksmith, either. This is good advice, and I think it will server as a checklist for me, going into Cata. Congrats on being mentioned on WoW Insider today, too.

  8. In reply to the question, “What are you doing to prepare for Cata?”
    Not a comprehensive list, and I’m sure I’ll think of more, but:
    1) Level all alts. This may be difficult, but it’s much easier with Jame’s Leveling Guide and heirloom XP bonuses. I mean, there’s just no excuse.
    2) Complete quests in areas I’d never completed before, especially Darkshore and Dun Morogh, etc.
    3) Save, not spend. Between emblems of triumph, honor, usable quest rewards and ToC 5 and Icecrown 5-person dungeons, I can get everything I need for my alts without paying a copper. That’s good.
    4) Make room for another character on my main realm. I need to level my blood elf paladin to 80 and move him to my coworkers’ realm. That way, I can play a level 80 horde with them while freeing up a character slot. Win-win.
    5) Get that damn quest item that can turn me into a furbolg! I knew I should have hung on to that the first time!

  9. I find that there is a lot of synergy in having one of every profession amongst my toons. So many of them feed into each other. And that can be extremely proftitable at the start of an expansion.
    And thanks — it was a great surprise to see my post and the Blog Azeroth shared topic mentioned on this afternoon.

  10. That’s a great list and I think it should be a great road map for how to spend your time over the next few months until we finally get to crack open Cataclysm.
    #1 is hard but so worth it so you can choose whom to play (I say this as an expansion main-swapper for WotLK)
    and #5 — I don’t even remember what the quest reward was for that chain, but totally wish my Alliance main had kept that rod instead!

  11. One more thing to do, complete 25 quest’s but dont turn them in for a nice XP boost once chat hits

  12. Every little bit helps for sure. Unfortunately they usually inflate the next expansion’s XP per level and XP per quest by quite a bit, to discourage folks from sticking around in the old world too long. (I think with WotLK they were concerned folks would sit out the initial days while doing dailies on the Isle.)

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