Friday Five: 5 Things to Keep in Mind on a Progression Raid Night

We extended our raid ID this week, and hopped into ICC 10 on Wednesday night, easily 1-shotting the Dreamwalker encounter, then running back over to BQL, whom we dispatched in our second try. And then it was on to Sindragosa, whom most of those in attendance had not seen before, and whom we took down at the tail end of our extra Thursday night raid. And thus, I bring you my list of 5 things folks need to keep in mind when taking part in a progression night, fighting against a boss your raid team has not killed:

  1. Don’t run off after the boss kill. We want screenshots! (See above for a screenshot of not 10 people as a case in point.)
  2. Do not start complaining/whining/sighing when you don’t kill a new boss on the second attempt. News flash: progression bosses take more than 1 attempt for folks to figure things out on. Especially when you are talking about the boss before the Lich King. Buy some patience already! Or I will bore you with the story of how it took my old guild 3 weeks of non stop work to kill Lady Vashj back in the day.
  3. Keep quiet on vent if you’re not the raid leader if you are calling out placements. 5 people talking at once, over the raid leader, leads to confusion and usually to someone dying. Save the chit chat for the run back.
  4. Ask questions early and often. If you are having a problem remembering what an ability is called or what you are supposed to do in a certain part of the fight, ask your raid leader.
  5. Be nice. If a member of your raid team asks the same question more than once, or has the same issue twice in a row, cut them some slack. They’re not an idiot, or a loser, or a dumb ass or they wouldn’t being there with you learning that new boss (unless your raid leader is a masochist). They are clearly grappling with something and need the assistance of the raid team. And thus you need to cut them some slack and try to be helpful, not rude. And if you don’t, you may find a raid leader’s foot coming into contact with your butt.

Killing a progression boss is a major rush. And that rush is the reward for the hard work it took each member of your team to put in to get there. Keep your chin up, and a positive attitude, and you will succeed — with a little help from your friends.

Happy Friday! And congratulations Pirates for an amazing week of teamwork!

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Things to Keep in Mind on a Progression Raid Night”

  1. This.
    We are working through the LK25 encounter for the past three weeks of raiding and every time we get a little bit closer to defeating him [< 20% now]. #2 is the #1 of this list, IMO. Patience, patience, patience. Enjoy the ride. After the LK dies, we got nothing until Cataclysm that will be remotely hard. [I expect Ruby Sanctum to be a loot pinata similar to Sarth]

  2. 🙂
    I’m always happy to hear that folks feel the same way about these things. I love to make progress in raids, but most of all, I like to do so while having fun with people I enjoy spending time with. Progression that comes with the price tag of enduring crappy behavior isn’t a good buy in my mind.

  3. It’s been an amazing rush this week to finally get up to the Frozen Throne. To say that I was thrilled doesn’t express the half of it. I’m especially happy that we do have all the time in the world to get the whole guild up to see the Lich King, without a loot pinata raid breathing down our throats (i.e. it won’t be like how we killed Yogg once before ToC and then no one wanted to go back.)
    And yes, I’m also expecting it to be a Looty Sanctum raid, versus a PITA.

  4. I’m very happy our raid follows number five…I was feeling like an idiot last night at the beginning of the raid because I kept dying and getting hit with the explosion, but with everyone being supportive and helpful, I got it and stopped dying. Hehe, I wouldn’t have been able to if you guys had treated me like how I was feeling about myself.

  5. I know how frustrated I get with myself when I have a problem, and try always to be as supportive of someone else in that position as I can be. If you have 5 people jumping on you on Vent for not executing something correctly, it stresses you out and causes you to lose focus — which doesn’t help anyone actually get the desired outcome!
    And I am totally envious of your personal port back out of harm trick.

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