Friday Five: 5 Things in Patch 3.3 that Made me Happy

  1. Core Hound Puppy! I can not gush enough about how adorable — and active — this vanity pet is.
  2. The return of story-based instance content. The three five mans’ serial content seamlessly leads you directly into the raid content. And when you first step foot inside the raid instance, as I did last night, you are given a story, including a reason to fight onward. A goal to reach. A reason to fight with all your heart. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that way on night one.
  3. The Dungeon Finder. Yeah, last night we got a guy who needed on the frozen orb we all greeded, and need rolled the tanking sword his tank offspec wouldn’t be able to put to use. But all my other experiences thus far have been great. No more waiting around for 45 minutes looking for more peeps. Whoohoo!
  4. Vote to Kick. In the old days, you had to send whispers all around and then the party leader had to manually kick out the annoying group member. But now, we can vote to kick. I initiated this last night after one of our PUG DPS, a DK, kept running in front of the tank, aggroing mobs he didn’t see, and in one case, death-grip pulling a mob that was not the one the tank was pulling. After letting him die for that last transgression, we voted to kick him out. And had a replacement in 1 minute thanks to the Dungeon Finder tool.
  5. More mana for my lowbie casters all the time! My baby alts, all casters across the lot of them, are now less of a drinking time-sink. Thank you thank you Blizzard.

Bonus: Haste + Shadow Priest DoTs = win. And Mind Sear in ICC25 on those 10 pack pulls? mwahahahahaha. Oh yeah, that was fun.

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