Friday Five: 5 Boomkin Good Things

  1. If you stack 2 boomkin together for Saurfang, you can do synchronized dancing and jumping that just may leave folks wondering if they’re seeing double. Mwahahaha. May also lead them to become hypnotized.
  2. Blizz announced that mastery 5% bonuses are contingent upon every piece of your armor being your appropriate proficiency. This means they are now accountable for ensuring boomkins actually have a BiS leather piece for every slot. Huzzah!
  3. Despite my long work hours, I’ve been able to fill in and kill some bosses here and there in ICC. That’s 100% more Icecrown action than I thought this lady would ever have.
  4. I’m slowly narrowing in on getting the boomkin her PUG pug puppy. This is in large part why she has finally gotten rid of all her T7 Naxx 10 gear. I am still stuck with an ilvl 200 badge trinket, but I can live with it.
  5. Not a lot is more gratifying than going into a crowded skinnable pack, popping starfall+barkskin then slapping down a hurricane. Boomkin AOE is even more awesome than my beloved mind sear. For serious.

Happy Friday! And safe travels.

12 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Boomkin Good Things”

  1. The synchronized dancing/jumping was the highlight of the evening. /nod
    There better be some freaking purple leathers in my near future then. I’ve been wearing at least half cloth since level 1. /grr
    You wantz ICC? We gotz d’ empty slotz! /dance (sounds kinda wrong if you read it right)
    I love that little butt-dragging pug. If I wasn’t so brain numbingly tired of running Northrend randoms I’d get it for more of my toons.
    Boomkin AoE is some of the sweetest AoE I’ve ever experienced, and AoE is a big part of where my fun comes in. Bear AoE is pretty funny sometimes too though, “Yes, /swipe I know fifty /swipe of you are hitting me /swipe, and no /swipe I couldn’t care less /swipe because I’m still at /swipe full health.” You’ve gotta love Lifeward procs on swipes when surrounded by hoards of mobs. Boomkin would still kill them in a fraction of the time though.

  2. AOE? Try frost maging: Ice barrier + Frost Nova + Blink + Blizzard + Shattered Barrier + Blink + Blizzard + Water Elemental Frost Nova.
    That’s 3 Frost Novas to keep a pack of enemies in place while you blizzard them down

  3. Hey, grats on getting linked from!
    Also, boomkin AOE is the single reason I still have a moonkin spec for soloing. It made doing loremaster such a breeze – find highest density of mobs, cast starfall, run through mobs cackling.

  4. Now I want a moonkin. I could level a cow that I’ll probably never play again, or level a druid on a different server, or wait til Cataclysm *ponders*.

  5. Water elementals are permanent now, silly. (Well, when glyphed, but there is no better glyph to pick.) And from experience, though mage AoE is pretty awesome, nothing beats boomkin AoE.
    Grats on getting some ICC in on your druid. I have been wanting to do that on mine, but sadly on her server, it’s post achievement or you don’t get into pugs, which is pretty hard to do when you need that pug to get the achievement…>.>

  6. You totally wrote what I was going to tell Luli. I’ve had my frost mages glyphed for perma pet for some time, which means they lose their frost nova. It was hard to get used to at first, but now, I can’t imagine only having my pet every so often like olde tymes.
    I’ve lucked out in guilding the Alliance druid in a place where there are occasionally free spots in the 25s, or people having to go mid-raid. That works pretty well with my crazy work schedule. Her old server had that same issue with ICC PUGs as you’re having, and my friends and family guild was just not at all active in WotLK, so that wasn’t an option for her either. Hence her sitting unplayed for a year-and-a-half.

  7. I promise next time to hit the video record button. The boomkin synchronicity was too much fun for sure. And exactly what you said RE: being cornered into having to wear cloth in the past for super boomness.
    P.S. At my rate it is going to be a few months before I get that PUG!

  8. I have two frost mages, and although their AOE has been fun at time (thinking back to AOEing from sniper posts in AV back in vanilla), for whatever reason it’s never made me cackle with glee the way BoomAOE does.

  9. Hey Norm! Great to see you here.
    And good to know I am not the only one who cackles when I do my mad run around with starfall, obliterating all the skinnables/quest mobs

  10. I have to admit to loving my Alliance druid more than my horde druid, for a wide range of reasons. I’d thought a lot about making a worgen druid in Cata.I raid healed for 3 years as a druid but have to say that being a happy dancing moonkin has been a lot more fun…

  11. I’m just the other way – I loved my tauren druid and when I switched her over to alli to join my friends’ guild, I missed her! a lot! I just liked the tauren personality – practical and commonsensical. I loved the tauren and taunka related quests in Northrend. I just don’t feel nearly as substantial as an elf 🙂

  12. I think in large part it comes from the Night Elf druid having been my first WoW toon, and my longtime main. She has all the toys and pets and fun mounts, unlike my horde druid, whom I rolled to console myself for not having an active server and home for my Alliance druid.

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