Friday Five: 5 Activities to Avoid When the Server is Lagging

  1. Mailing. Do not try to mail anything to anyone. Or to obtain items from your mailbox. The latter can take up to five minutes, and the former can cause you to DC.
  2. Mounting. If at all possible, remain seated with your seatback at the full upright position. Especially don't try to mount in mid-air. Unless you like the prospect of going SPLAT!
  3. Slaying the Northrend Beasts. Everything looks fine. Right until you run away from the nasty yeti, yet end up dying.
  4. Looting. This is not the time to go after a rare item that you have to loot. One false click and that sea turtle or sewer rat can go POOF! in your face. And since you never looted it, the GMs can not restore it.
  5. Auction House purchasing/selling. The loot lag applies here too. But it combines with a case of shopkeeper rage if that bid click is interpreted as a buyout click. Ahem.

Here's hoping this weekend gives us some relief from the lag!

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