Friday 5: Five Blog Posts From the Past Week You Should Read Today

  1. Horde Leaders Raiding Arthas, posted by Arrens. This gave me a good giggle, much like the bored bosses of Black Rock Mountain piece that went around after BC launched. Made of much win.
  2. Seven Ways to Your Raid Leader's Heart, posted on World of Mattycus, is a good companion piece to the Raid Signups Etiquette 101 post I made this week. If you have some raid members who need to hear second-hand how to behave in a way to not make the RL –and the rest of the raid team for that matter– let them DIAF, now you have some neutral to you places to send them.
  3. Arthas as a Villain on Blessing of Kings takes a look at the watering down of Arthas' validity as a true villain, and makes a good case for some ways we could see that turned around.
  4. 5 Reasons Why You Should Like Garrosh over on WoW Relief is an excellent response to the avalanche of anti-Garrosh tweets and posts over the past week.
  5. Use Your Pet on Aspect of the Hare provides a solid twitter data-sourced case for why hunter's should take that extra bit of effort to use their pet appropriately in raids. Your raid team wants that extra 500-900 dps from them over the course of the night, they really do.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Five Blog Posts From the Past Week You Should Read Today”

  1. We’re spoiled by there being so many interesting and informative WoW bloggers out there…and most of these folks are on Twitter for between-posts reading.

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