Friday 5: Blackwing Lair Retro Raid Edition

I would  have loved for this to be the Kingslayer edition, but we had one healer beg off in advance (whom we replaced) and one no show after having to work late (who didn’t contact us and thus for whom we waited 40 minutes), which meant no attempts were made on the Lich King last night. Our somewhat dejected band of pirates cranked through the weekly (XT) and then indulged me in something I’ve wanted to revisit for some time: Blackwing Lair.

I spent months and months in there in vanilla WoW, healing on my druid, and really wanted to go back in a role that could focus on more than just the tiny health bars. I think we tore through in about 40 minutes. It was a great ending to a long, tough day.

And thus, I bring you, 5 screenshots from BWL:

shadow priest in the supression room of Blackwing Lair

shadow priest in Blackwing Lair

shadow priest in Blackwing Lair gloating over the demise of Chromaggus shadow priest in Blackwing Lair calling on Lord Victor Nefarius

shadow priest in Blackwing Lair checking out Nefarian


Knee-deep in skelly bones…

shadow priest in Blackwing Lair

3 thoughts on “Friday 5: Blackwing Lair Retro Raid Edition”

  1. I’ve still never been there, and that’s the name of the server I started on. D:
    I seriously need to get my lazy butt over there and run it. I wonder if I could solo it…

  2. You need at least 1 buddy so you can do the first boss, Razorgore. One of you needs to orb mind control him to kill all the eggs while the other kills all the adds that spawn.
    We had 9 folks which was overkill. But really FUN overkill.

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