For the Horde!

For those of you who are fanatical Alliance players, you may want to skip this post. Because it is about how my formerly Alliance shaman got her For the Horde achievement today.

black war bears

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when we set out as a guild, with some loyal friends as well (*waves at Arte and Mags*), off to see the sites of Darkshore while there are still sites there to see.

We polished off all four city leaders (I swapped mid raid after getting the achievement), and then, at my special request, we paid a visit to a certain ARCHDRUID McCRANKYPANTS.

Oh? AOE roots?



undead shadow priest gloating over the demise of Archdruid Staghelm

5 thoughts on “For the Horde!”

  1. Thank you both for entertaining my raid leading shenanigans! I’m so stoked about all the bears popping up in guild. Signups for this weekend’s are posted on the forums 🙂

  2. Any time my dear. I am signed for this week as well — gotta get Nexi a bear.
    And THANK YOU for helping me achieve a life-long dream of kicking that cranky druid’s ass. You have NO IDEA how exhilarating that was for me on behalf off my druid.

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