Follow Friday Five

I read WoW blogs here and there when things catch my eye on the aggregator feeds, and have a core couple dozen I read regularly. In the spirit of Follow Friday, I bring you five blogs I love reading, in no particular order.

  1. Too Many Annas. I'm not an RPer, which is a key focus point of the blog, but I love reading her thoughtful, well-written blog regardless. Great archive articles on shaman healing too. Whenever I see a twitter link to a new post, I happily click through.
  2. Pink Pigtail Inn. As a former journalist, I can relate to her occasional curmudgeonly annoyance with what passes for "journalism" on news sites sometimes, and enjoy her musings on things like how often Yogg Saron dies daily or the return on investment from your $15 per month versus all the other  entertainment out there, this site almost always gives me something to think about.
  3. Pugnacious Priest. One of the more prolific priesty bloggers I read. I wonder what she was drinking when she wrote the Crazy Cat Lady's personal ad. And I mean that in a good way. And her Ulduar cheat sheet for Shadow Priests means I don't have to write one myself. Huzzah!
  4. The Greedy Goblin. The first thing I learned from this site, back in the day, was to *always* got to Halaa and check the crappy weapon vendor so I could buy and DE his green weapons and make a tidy profit. After that I was hooked on coming here regularly to see if there were any fine tunings I could do to help finance my pricey professions or my big splurges (mechano hog, mini pets.) I don't always agree, but I always leave with food for thought/profit.
  5. I Like Bubbles. At this point, I can not count how often this lady has made me laugh out loud while reading my twitter feed. the blog is like that too, with many a rant thrown in for good fun. And the Flow Chart Fridays are not to be missed.

And after typing this all out, I see we are estrogen-heavy on this list, which was not by design. Just means the ladies are ruling this Follow Friday. have a good one!

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