Farewell Old Azeroth

Last night in Azeroth — what to do? Take a morotcycle ramble around the old world of course. So many memories. Like fighting the world dragon in Ashzara. And my first explorations of Darkshore on my baby druid, my first toon. Remembering the fear of running past Splintertree post as a baby druid (ahhh! they’re after me!) So many friendly quest givers, so many scenic spots that took my breath away on first view, then became a part of my game world, familiar territory, for five years of playing.

Fought back some horde picking on a poor little old shadow priest. Killed the Winterfall Runners. Stopped to watch the antelope frolic in the Barrens. And woke up this morning to a message intercepted from an angry dragon. Things will never be the same.

Farewell old Azeroth, and hello to the New World (of Warcraft) Order.

One thought on “Farewell Old Azeroth”

  1. It will be interesting. McGuber and I dressed up in our holiday clothes and took our traditional Christmas WoW photo on the hills by Camp Taurajo. Then we went looking for those Alliance riders in the Barrens that killed us so many times as lowbies. 🙂

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