Everything Looks Better in Shadowform

BEFORE shadow

AFTER shadow.

No, aesthetics aren’t why I love my shadow priesty ways, but DAMN! She looks hottt in shadowform. Just saying.

This lady was my first horde character, and the only one I have leveled to level cap, three times over now. I started her on the server one of my RL friends played on, thinking we would get to hang out and do stuff together, but that’s just not how it turned out. I eventually suckered all my friends into rolling horde alts there as well, and started a lowbie guild. But it turns out I have a bunch of online friends who like to start — and abandon — 4 or 5 lowbie alts at a time. And tho I do love Shadowfang Keep, I grew tired of running everyone’s alts through it as my primary guild activity.

Early this year, I vowed not to let another level cap raise come and go without this lady (who has always been one of my favorites) getting to see some action. So I rolled a mage to test out the all-girls guild affiliated with an online girls gaming community of which I’m a member. I found the gchat to be lively, and decided to take the punge. In retrospect I have to say it’s the best $25 I’ve spent gaming.

Despite my 3 week Internet outage, I made decent time taking her to 80. I ground out her tailoring to ensure she would have a full set of blue gear at 80. I spent countless hours working on reputation so that slowly but surely she could get a good weapon, access to the Hodir shoulder enchants, etc.

Despite my 3 years experience playing WoW, and the fact that I did some raiding (Kara) on my alliance shadowpriest (who I rolled only b/c I was tired of not having anyone to play with horde-side), I initially did not have the confidence playing this lady in groups. But my patient and supportive guildies gamely invited me on my first heroic, and many more after that. In the past two weeks, after our guild’s first Naxx weekend, I felt good enough about her gear and dps to to volunteer for open slots in a few heroics put together by our allied guild.

It’s all I hoped for and then some. Heck, she even got to do Vault and OS 10 mans today! My formerly overworked shaman can’t even say that.

I still have my alliance toons, and pop on them to do the occasinal raid with my friends, or just to say hi, but this lady is the one getting all my time and attention… and it is finally starting to show!

One thought on “Everything Looks Better in Shadowform”

  1. I usually refused to ever get out of shadowform, and it irked me bigtime that you didn’t get to be in shadowform on the character selection screen when you logged into the game – so ugly was the gear on my (then) shadow priest!

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