Dungeon Finder + Holiday Boss= Win

Murloc suit

You were probably expecting to see a screenshot of my shadow priest mindflaying away on the new holiday boss, weren’t you? But I don’t have any screenshots of that run due to a funny little glitch. You see, I was talking to my SO as I queued in the dungeon finder to go fight Lord Ahune. And although I am positive I queued as a DPS (I have never ever queued her as a healer as I have never healed as a priest despite having forked over $1k G for dual spec holy), I got sent in as a healer.


The group, 4 guildies from another server, didn’t remember anything about the boss. I took that opportunity to tell them I’d never healed and had not intended to heal but would give it my best shot. The ice stone was melted, and then I watched the adds run around and eat the rogue. And then the other melee, DPS, then the shadow priest, myself, and the tank.

Uh, that didn’t go so well.

We briefly discussed what it was exactly that folks should be doing (melee should hit what the tank is hitting not tank mobs), and take 2 was so flawless we killed Ahune in our first pass of his ready to be damaged state (yes I DoT’d and wanded my bony undeaded arms off during that phase.)

I was so pleased that we all survived and killed Ahune that I felt just like the jumping for joy murloc suited me above.

I went on to kill him on two other characters with two to three friends plus some LFD peeps to round out our party. And this is coming from someone who stubbornly 3-manned most of the holiday bosses last year with my and my SO’s army of alts and was not excited about having to go with a full 5-man party via LFD.

So far I haven’t seen any of the shiny new fun loot (the shaman did get a cloak upgrade for her healing set though), but am crossing my fingers that at least one of my ladies gets to take home a frosty elemental pet. Several could also use the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune.

For reference, here are the possible ilvl 232 cloaks obtainable from his chest:

How’s your Summer Fire Festival going so far? I’ve only toe-dipped with Ahune at this point, but hope to get further along with the achievement this year than I did last year.

6 thoughts on “Dungeon Finder + Holiday Boss= Win”

  1. My only 80 I haven’t deleted yet is my raider, so cloaks are useless to me. I went ahead and requeued to fight him five times just to do it, and I haven’t seen anything from anyone’s bags other than frost emblems.

  2. I have a whole passle of 8s horde side in varying degrees of needing new clothes. But my 80 Alliance druid is going to need to get on the ball and get queueing as she has her Naxx cloak still as yes, she really has been neglected for 1.5 years.

  3. I think I will take my alts in for some cloaks – I think at least a couple of them could use it. Other than that will just do it once per day on my main and main alt in the hopes of the pet. (I know I can do it more than once per day, but I’m too lazy/don’t have time.)
    I managed to switch mains between last year’s Fire Festival and this year so have to do every achievement over again now on my warrior. I’m so not looking forward to it, I get so sick of all those bonfires *lol*

  4. This one of those holidays I poke at, toe dip into, then run away screaming from…
    But I will persist on Ahune for badges and tries at the pet.

  5. I am having a lot of fun doing the festival boss this time around. I always hated the whole quest summons of the past. Being able to queue up and run it as a random is fun. I am glad you took the plunge and have managed to survive the LFD system.
    Last night I got the scythe on my S. priest. Even though she already has surgeon’s needle, I am using the scythe for random heroics because of the awesomeness of it. After the fest is done I will switch back. Today, I am flying the flight points to collect free xp by honoring flames while I study for a math final. Fun stuff!

  6. You have great luck! I usually roll 6s and 7s, and only get badges in my frosty sack. Ah well.
    Still I will do it each day on all my ladies, just in case.

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