Doomsday Cult Infiltrates Orgrimmar

a screenshot gallery…

shadow priest Anexxia at the Doomsday altar

Anexxia, contemplating the dark loveliness of the Doomsday altar, after vanquishing those pesky cultists.

priest infiltrating the Doomsday cult, wearing sandwich board

It all started with being asked to put on a garish cultist robe and run around wearing an undecipherable sandwich board. I decided “What the heck?” and gave it a go.

shadow priest Anexxia monitoring the inflow of citizens at the gates of Orgrimmar

Before I knew it, I’d worked my way up to TSA agent, checking folks at the Gates to Orgrimmar for cultist paraphernalia, and calling the burly guards over to haul them off if I found anything.

Thus having demonstrated my affinity for sniffing out cultists, I set to work rounding them up throughout the shadowy reaches of the city.

shadow priest Anexxia disrupting Doomsday Cultist summoning rituals in Orgrimmar

Then the real fun began — I got to disrupt a number of cultist summoning rituals, which greatly displeased them. It was easy to sneak up upon them. IN my shadowy state they naturally assumed I was one of them.

shadow priest Anexxia disrupting Doomsday Cultist summoning rituals in Orgrimmar

Ah, my shadowy brethren, alas, I am not here to assist you in your evil plot. I am here to send you off into the Twisting Nether and to claim this shadowy altar in the name of all shadow priests. Mwahahahaha!

2 thoughts on “Doomsday Cult Infiltrates Orgrimmar”

  1. I love how easy it is to trick NPCs in this game. As long as you have the right clothes, you’re in.
    Now, what are you going to do with that thar shadowy alter now that you’ve claimed it?
    /looks at you with suspicion

  2. Oh…you know…I’m just going to stand here looking pretty…I wouldn’t dream of casting my own spells or doing an incantation or anything…
    *whistles innocently*

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