Ding! Baby Warlock Hits 60!

That’s right — warlock dinged 60 and got to make her helicopter today!

The one upside to a weekend shut up in the apartment thanks to the stomach bug that KOd me.

Believe it or not, she’s my first lock. Which means I also got to enjoy doing the Infernal quest chain for myself as well (I’d helped the SO do that at level in vanilla.)

So far, I am really enjoying the warlock. And am toying with her being my backup plan should anything horrible befall shadow priests in Cataclysm.

5 thoughts on “Ding! Baby Warlock Hits 60!”

  1. Grats! I’m happy you are enjoying your lock. Do you have any idea what spec you plan on using at 80?
    The infernal quest is great, I love Niby, Impsy, and El Pollo Grande…I wish I could bring myself to level another lock just do that quest again, but it’s too difficult for me. I’ve tried, but I end up looking for spells I haven’t learned yet and I can’t remember how to play a lock anymore at low levels. >.<

  2. hehe I’d seen all the lock quests from when Guld leveled his lock back in vanilla (I even got to do the DM quest chain for him and other guildies) I’m having a blast so far, tho I know once I hit Northrend, I’ll be slow as a slug…

  3. Gah…I did the Scholo and Dire Maul parts of the dreadsteed quest so many times…Scholo because it was hard for locks to find people that actually wanted to go and Dire Maul because I kept my summoning reagents to save all other locks from getting scammed by that goblin! “Sure, I’ll give you back all the items you gave me…for 250g.” Hate that guy.

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