Dear Blizzard

I am writing you today, via the Interwebs, in the hopes someone somewhere can help me with a serious and seriously annoying issue that has plagued me since 3.1 brought with it dual specs.

I log on to my druid every day to do the cooking and fishing dailies. She is otherwise retired, for now, but she is at 80/100 Dalaran Cooking Awards for her chef's hat, so I slog onward.

Since I bought her dual spec, on at least 6 occasions, I have logged on to find that her second spec, or both specs, have had all their talent points refunded. The first time this happened I reported it as a bug, after re-allocating all my talent points. I logged on the next day to a copy/paste reply telling me I was a stupid person who needed to hit the LEARN button since I had the preview function enabled on my talent trees. And to find…all my talent points reset.

This has happened again and again in the past few weeks. I assure you I have screenshots of me as a tree and a Boomkin. I am positive it's not me, it's you. And yet I continue to get the patronizing replies.

The dual spec talent points being unspent issue happened to me again last night and I dutifully put in a ticket. I mentioned in that ticket that I did hit learn, I have used her second spec, and have 2 other characters who have dual secs and no issues. And can you guess what I logged on to find this morning? Yup. All my talent points refunded and an email telling me I am an idiot who can't remember to hit LEARN.

Why on earth would you do that when the entire content of my ticket was complaining about having my talent points being wiped and it being annoying? Seriously? I am tired of respeccing my druid do to your GMs not comprehending (or perhaps not even reading) my complaint. If someone is complaining their spec keeps being reset causing them to have to keep redoing their talents, it is incredibly frustrating and rude (and nonsensical) to reset all of their talent points including main spec.

Please fix whatever the issues are with the dual specs, and stop overloading the GM reply quota so they will actually stop and read the tickets that come in instead of scanning for keywords that align to the boilerplate. I am tired of wasting my time redoing my talent trees due to your GM's carelessness.


a disgruntled long-time player

P.S. I am hearing now after asking around this has affected several other folks on my druid's realm. And has hit the forums. If anyone see that link let me know. I would like to tell the next GM I talk to to go to the forums before blowing me off again.

Since patch 3.0, which did coincide with a large player base surge, if I recall, there has seemed to be a decrease in the level of service players are receiving from their GM tickets. And much of the grumbling I have heard has been primarily around dissatisfaction with submitting bugs and receiving a boilerplate reply telling you to delete your WTF files and all your mods and start over.

These boilerplate replies have even been sent in reply to tickets that were early reporters of what are, after the 3-8 hour wait for a reply, known issues that have blue forum notes. This shows that Blizzard needs to work on ensuring the folks on those 10-hour GM shifts are given breaking news at the top of their CRM to better enable them to give ticket-submitters accurate, and meaningful replies.

Although there certainly is shareholder value in pushing as many boilerplate-copy replies out as possible per hour, Blizzard needs to understand how this can be alienating to an active player base that is often the source of many bug reports.

Another possibility would be to publish a known bug tracker. Giving players a 1-click resource for determining if what they are experiencing is a known bug — and if not a way to submit their detailed notes on the problem — would be unprecedented transparency that would likely decrease the number of unusual GM tickets coming in the door, as well as provide players with a recurring annoyance a place to track its progress towards resolution.

No, I am not going to take my toys and go home. However, if they reset my talent points again due to 1) their error and 2) a GM not understanding my complaint, I an going to escalate this issue up the food chain further and respectfully ask for a 1,000 G refund until they can get it together.

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